Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My First Giveaway For The New Year

Yep you heard it right..
my first 2012 Giveaway.

Cupids Peppermints
The candy you fall in love with

There will be two chances to win a set of three peppermint sticks.

These peppermint sticks are handmade by me.
The paper wrapper is also my own design.

First chance to win: Be a current or new follower and comment on this post only.
All comments will go into a drawing to win a set of three peppermints.
Drawing to be held January 31st, 2012.

(sorry, my camera was acting up)

Second Chance to win: If you bring over a new follower,
you will be entered into a second drawing for another chance to win a set of three peppermints, plus an additional surprise Valentine handmade item made by me.
The new follower will be entered into the first drawing. 

(you must comment on this post to let me know who the new follower is,
so that I can add you to the second drawing)

Second drawing to also be held January 31st, 2012.

Good luck to everyone!
For my followers who also shop at our store
Back Porch Antiques,
I will be bringing in all of my Valentine goodies in this Saturday.
There are limited quantities,
 but I will continue to add goodies through the end of the month...
just depends on how much sewing time I can get in. lol

Take care!


  1. Hi, Janice. Please sign me up for the drawing. What a great idea you designed.
    p.s. I'm posting to my sidebar.

  2. These are really cute! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. I am a follower already. I love these peppermint sticks. You did a great job on them!!!
    Please could you enter me in your giveaway!
    Thank you for hosting it!
    Prim Blessings,

  4. Hi Janice, Love the Cupid peppermint sticks. Such a cute idea. Please enter me into your drawing. Sure wish I could visit your shop and see ALL your Valentine Items. Have a great day.

  5. I am already a follower! Love those. Please enter me.

  6. So Cute!!!
    I'm a follower and would love to be entered in!!!!
    Prim Blessings

  7. I am already a follower of your sweet blog and would love to be entered for a chance to win your homemade peppermint sticks. Sounds yummy!

    hugs and smiles,

  8. I just found you and am now a follower and placed this Giveaway on my side bar .... found you at 'Susan at Glen Oaks Primitives'.
    Yum, Please include me.


  9. Ahhhh Dear cut me to the quick....These are just too dang cute NOT to want to be entered....Finding prim Valentine decor (other than the traditional heart) is such a challenge - these are just the ticket!!! I would love to be entered....You know I'm a follower....(a naughty one sometimes, but a loyal and happy follower all the same....) And I truly hope that if I don't win, you'll consider making some of these to sell ONLINE (not just for the lucky customers who get to visit your store in person....) Happy, Happy, Sunday....and thanks for another wonderful opportunity! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. Please enter me in your giveaway to win these adorable peppermint sticks. I am a new follower and I have posted it on my sidebar, Valerie

  11. Oh what an utterly sweet giveaway. I am a new follower and I would love a chance to win.


  12. hi,
    I'm a new follower. I'd love a chance to win!
    rjs682 at yahoo dot com

  13. Please enter me. I'm following gfc
    tmc480 at yahoo dot com

  14. I'm a new follower.
    These are adorable, please enter me.
    Thank-You for the chance.
    ryanac32 at yahoo dot com

  15. I am an old follower and would love to enter your giveaway! What a clever Valentine decoration, so cute.


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