Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stat Need Help Fast

Oh won't you please
Help Me
Help Me
Help Meeeeee

Ok, now that I have your attention, I am in need of some blog help.
Most of you know that with some of my giveaways,
I give extra points for posting my giveaway on your sidebars.
I have a confession to make.
Well dufuss me does not know how to do it herself....LOL
Yeah I know, you are all saying to yourself right now:
She wants us to do it and she cannot even do it herself...
I think I have read every hint out there on Google...and by no means are they helping me.
So please please help me!
Tell me how to post other giveaways on my own sidebar.

Speaking of giveaways.
I am currently working on my first giveaway for 2012, but have noticed
many of my followers have already beat me to the punch.

Therefore since dufuss me
I wanted to let you know of some talented ladies
 out there who have their own giveaways right now.

The Rusty Thimble (Patriotic Rabbit)

Primitive Bettys (Pinkeep)

White Sheep Farm (Winter Wonderland)

A Primitive Place- Tammy (Blogiversary Giveaway)

Hillcrest Home Prims (Grandmothers Birthday)

So until someone can let me know how to post giveaways on my sidebar,
please take a visit to these other blogs and enter if you would like.

My giveaway will be coming soon.

New Years Blessing to all.

Oh yeah
One more thing before I forget.
My computer at home sucks.
It is so archaic and slow that I am afraid not even a museum would even want it.
 Yep, its that bad.
There has been many a time lately that I have just wanted
 to throw it in the river.

1. Border Patrol would be on me like a fly to flypaper.
2. I don't want to litter.
3. I would not have anything to yell at every night. LOL

So forgive me if I do not comment on all of your blogs every day.
My only chance to catch up is at the store computer...
which I try to spend at least a half hour daily...
or on Saturdays when I am there all day.

Until next time.
Take care everyone.


  1. Hi Janice-I just go into my design, click on add a gadget, add picture, then I copy and paste the link to the blog where indicated, and save a picture of the giveaway item on my computer, which I then use in the picture section...hit save and then drag the gadget to where you want it on your sidebar - does that make sense??

  2. You crack me up Girlfriend. Yup - I do it the same way Wendy does. Things might be different for a Mac, but I have a Dell. I save the image I want to use for the giveaway photo first (while I'm at the blog giveaway post) (Right click then select "Save Image As" and title it whatever you want so you can find it on your pc.) While I'm there, I go to the upper address box and right click to copy the blog post address. Then go to your own blog, click on design; then "add a gadget." In the box that comes up you can enter anything you want in the title and caption sections (I enter the blog name, etc. in the title and the date of the giveaway in the caption section.) Then, for the blog address/link, just right click and select paste to paste the blog link you copied. (I backspace over the "http://" that is already filled in that box since it is in what I've copied and don't want it duplicated.) Then select the photo you saved and add that. Click on save. Then, if you want to "put" this giveaway posting in a particular place on your sidebar, simply drag it to where you want it to appear (if you do nothing, it will be on top of everything else you already have on your sidebar), and click to save the changes. Hope that helps - any question, give a yodel. Good luck! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. The girls said it exactly right. If you need any more help just holler.

  4. Morning Janice! Yeppers I do it like Wendy and Robin said too.Gosh I am glad that they explained it because I would have confused the heck outta of you.Thanks so much for my lovely gifts ,I did receive them but have been away from the computer.As soon as I get my camera back (hubby borrowed it) I will be posting pics on my blog.Love them both so much!Hugs,Jen

  5. Hi, Janice
    Yep I do it like Robin & Wendy~ good luck~

  6. I think you'll be fine following Wendy's advice!!!
    Trial and error I always say!
    Hope it all works for you ~ let us know!!!
    Prim Blessings

  7. You have made my day! I thought I was the only person in blogland, that didn't know how to do that. I do well to blog and post my few pictures.lol Good luck


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