Sunday, March 31, 2024

Sunday Starts

Hello all of my dear friends!
This latest project
started back on February 4th.

This one is called Patriotic Pinwheel Parade.
A perfect stitch for July 4th decor.
Perfect also for a bunny lover like me!
I plan on doing this one the 4th of each month.
Hopefully it will be completed by July 4th.

My first day progress.
February 4th.
Almost completed a quarter of the flag banner
at the top.

March 4th flag progress.
Its gonna be a long one...

Once I get to the bunnies it will be 
fun stitching on this one,
since I so love bunnies.
Stitching this one on 36 ct Cream & Sugar
from Fiber on a Whim.
Using most of the called for colors.
Swapped out the orangey red for Red Licorice.
Who wants orange for July 4th?
Not me.
Also changed the white to White Lighting.
Both Weeks Dye Works.
The other colors are DMC.

My next attempt is this one.
This is my next sampler for my heritage wall.

It's called 
"A Little Quakeresque"
but for me it has been nothing but
"A Big Headache"

I think I told Lauren there were 4 motifs stitched.
I lied. Only 3.
I thought this would be a fun pattern.
A no brainer with only one color floss.
These little motifs seem easy, but are a pain to me.
Every one thus far I have had to frog. Grrr
I really have to count these motifs.
There are 81 of them....this is going to be a long stitch.
Even though I love blue, may get bored with one color.
I will not be stitching the four corner border.

When finished this will have all four
of my great grand fathers names/ dates.
Hopefully it will look as nice once completed
as my other family sampler.

Using only one color of floss.
Classic Colorworks Blue Corn.
Again this should be easy because there are 
no color changes to deal with.
Again GRRR.

In other news,
my mom loved the tribute sampler I stitched
in memory of her parents & grandparents.
Her eyes lit up when she looked at it.
I was so glad my first one was for her family. 
She even wondered what glass it was.
She also told me she now found out her
paternal grandfathers birth year.
All we had was his death year.
We now know he passed 
when he was just 34 years old.
Other than he died from pneumonia,
we know nothing else about him.
I will include his birth date
in this current sampler.

Larry's 100th birthday party was a success,
even though it was a rainy day.
He told us the story of him going into the army
at 18 years old in World War II.
He was wounded in the leg and spent 4 months
in a Paris hospital before returning back to his
regiment in Germany.
In the final days of the war, many gathered
in the arena that Hitler used for his speeches.
There remained a Nazi swastika hanging.
At the beginning of the celebration,
they covered the swastika with the American flag,
amid heavy cheers from the crowd.
It was here that Audie Murphy (the actor)
was honored for his bravery.
At this time we thanked Larry for his service
with a round of applause by all.
He spent 27 months fighting for our country.
Thank you again Larry for your service.
Thank you again to those who sent in cards.

Well I best get ready for Easter Brunch.
We always have our dinner at noon.
Ham and fixins.
Cannoli and strawberry rhubarb pies for dessert.
Hope everyone enjoys their Easter who celebrate.

Sunday Start Blessings To All!



  1. I love your bunny stitchery project and while lovely can understand you may get bored with just the one color of blue. Am sure Larry enjoyed his celebration of life and thanks to him and other like him for serving our country.
    Your bunny stitchery reminds me of something I hooked and will send you a photo of it.

  2. Happy Easter!
    I like the bunnies in your stitching and agree that orange should not be on a 4th of July piece. :)
    Sorry about that difficult piece. Makes it hard to pick it up, I'm sure.
    I have one I started that was a family tree and it was so hard, I never finished it.
    Happy Birthday to Larry! What a story he has!

  3. Love both of your new starts Janice! That quaker piece is going to be stunning! I assume you will be putting your ggfs' info in the circles where the numbers are? Very creative. You're making me want to do this one, but I have a couple of quaker stitches waiting in the wings here that I've not started yet...and I've had them for a LONG time. Enjoy your Easter get-together. The kids were to come for Easter dinner here but my son is not feeling well, so not sure how things will work out. ~Robin~ (Loved Larry's story!!)

  4. Happy Easter to you and your family. You are one busy busy lady. Love the samplers, maybe I will get inspired to try a beginner's sampler one day. I look forward to your posts, like chatting in person with friends. I will have to get in the shop soon to check it out. Have a blessed day

  5. The samplers are really pretty. They should keep you busy for a while.

  6. How many cross stitch projects do you have in the stitching queue? Good luck with Patriotic Parade. I think you are going to have to stitch much more often than just the 4th of each month to get that one done ;-)
    Please thank Larry for his service from all your blog friends.

  7. Thank you Larry for your service! Thank you for sharing part of his story! Your samplers are looking great!

  8. You lost me at the word "stitch"! I did hang on to see the creations to be and those you've started. I'm sure you'll make it by July 4th! Happy Birthday to Larry and a big thanks for his service. My Dad served in WWII also. He drove a Sherman tank. A very dangerous job and many of the drivers didn't make it home. Dad got shot in the leg but he went back to the fighting after a little bit. So proud of him and all those that served. Not many WWII veterans left. God bless them. Happy Easter back at you! Enjoy your week Janice!

  9. Thank you Larry for your service. God Bless!!! And thank you for sharing his story with us!!!

  10. Yes thank you Larry for your service. Your work is beautiful I don't know how you do it.

  11. Those tiny stitches looks like a real labor of love. It will keep you busy stitching for quite a while.
    I love reading Larry's story. He still has a good memory in his advanced years. I'm sending him a birthday hug. God bless and keep him well.

    Hugs, Julia


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