Thursday, February 2, 2023

Pitter Patter Goes My Heart

You might ask why?
Well it's February and so much closer to Spring.

With Valentine's around the corner,
I wanted to show you the hearts I made
this year for the store.
Not a lot, but at least a few.
I packaged these in three.
One of each color.
Browns and red.

A few love pillows.

 More hearts,
This time in reds and gray.
My gift shop magazine said that this year
the colors are shades of gray, blue and all
things wood.
Pantones color of the year is Viva Magenta.
None of my wholesale companies
have introduced magenta, so not sure
if this color will be as popular as Pantone states.
Birds and bunnies are in as well.
For those that know me...bunnies are in 

To answer Sandie's questions.
Both of my grandparents dairy farms 
were in the Thumb region of Michigan.
My parents lived an hour and half South.
My sister and I would spend the Summer
with both sets of grandparents.
My brother was too little.
I am 64 years young.

To answer Jacky,
I also wear my slippers to bed when I sleep.
Its been a habit of mine in the Winter months
since being a kid.

To answer Carla,
we did not get the snow predicted last.
Which was fine with me.
We did however have freezing rain that day.

Yaya stated primitive must be in my DNA
She is right.
However my mom hates my style...
because she actually had to live it.
I only had a taste of it.

Well have to get to work.
Happy Ground Hog Day!
Hope he does not see his shadow.

February Blessings To All!




  1. You are always ahead of the game with special occasion. I'm afraid that I'm lacking in that department. My only decorations for St Valentine Day are hearts mugs. Maybe it's because I'm not a sentimental person. Love is for every day and not only on St Valentine Day.

    I remember with fond memories of those little paper Valentines that my kids shared with their class mates when they were little. They'd come home with envelops full of valentines.

    I hope for good weather for you. Here, the groundhog saw his shadow so 6 more weeks of winter but we can't complain because January was so mild.

    Take care and stay well and warm. Hugs.


  2. Ooops, I forgot to mention that your little hearts are so lovely.

  3. Hello, oh I just love the hearts. My mom made me a heart pillow and she stitched buttons on it. I will have to remember to share it on the blog.
    P.S. thank you for answering all the questions. :-)

  4. Hope that Ground Hog is wrong !!! After the deep freeze we go into tomorrow & Saturday ....I it will warm up again ! Keep making pretty hearts !!! Think Spring & Bunnies !!!

  5. I love how you answered my questions - thank you!

    I love hearts and reds and pinks!

  6. I heard the groundhog in Massachusetts didn't see his shadow so lets go with that prediction of an early spring.
    Sent you another email earlier today but guess you've been too busy with work to see or respond to it.

  7. I love these sweet hearts. Magenta is one of my favorite colors so I'm glad it's "in." (My winter jacket has magenta and red flowers!). Tis the season for hearts!

  8. I would love to be able to shop your store. Your hearts are very sweet

  9. Love those hearts! So darn cute and like Cathy, I would love to shop at your store. Unlike Cathy I live close enough to someday take an adventure and drive up...I may surprise you this summer! I know in my neck of the woods that rodent did see his shadow and I guess we'll have to wait for Spring! Have a good weekend!

  10. You can take the girl out of the "cold north" but not the "cold north" out of the girl. I appreciate your sharing the insides to what is trending. Yes to bunnies and birds! I hope the trend in wood is to not paint all the cool antiques - especially the primitives.

  11. Funny, but I guess I had assumed your mom did share your love of primitives since you both go antiquing and you take care to prepare the guest room so lovely when she visits, etc. But, I get that she doesn't - my mom didn't either. She lived a life full of primitive, hand-me-downs, and make-do's and, therefore, had no fondness for them in her later years. Fun little hearts. I was thinking I might either play with some paper hearts or make some coverlet hearts later. We'll see... ~Robin~


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