Monday, February 6, 2023

Favorite Time Of Winter

Hello friends!
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Living along the mighty St. Clair River,
this is the only time I like Winter.
For those new to my blog, 
our river starts in Port Huron Michigan
and ends 40 miles later in Algonac, Michigan.
We live approximately a mile North of Algonac.
I love when the ice comes in because
it means the Winter ducks will arrive.
The Redheads, Canvasbacks and Buffleheads.
Most of all why I like this time of Winter is
when the Winter ducks come in,
the Bald Eagles follow.

The ice came in Saturday morning.

Driving along the river you just cannot stop
at the side of the road.
You have to pull into the few parks we have.
If you notice the tall smokestack just right
of this the background;
This use to be a coal fired Edison plant.
It is almost 20 miles from where I was.
With the current administration, many folks lost
their jobs here. Even those who work the freighters
which also use to deliver coal to the plant.
I know of another plant in the Thumb,
where that plant closed now...
Unfortunately now this small town has died.
The only small businesses left are the two restaurants
and the small grocery store.
I use to love going into the antique stores,
the fabric shop and gift shops.
Empty storefronts now.
The green energy folks do not know how devastating
this is for small town America.
Enough of my soapbox.

Do you see what is coming?

I happened to catch a down bound freighter
going through the ice.
When the ice really gets thick,
the Coast Guard does assist the freighters.
This one was the Whitefish By from the 
Canadian Steamship Line.
Canada is across our river the entire 40 miles too.

Hello my Canadian friends!

These duck images were taken from Google.
These are the ducks I mentioned earlier.


(little diver ones)

With the ice coming down now, 
the residents of Harsens island 
are now on notice that the car ferry could 
shut down at any time.

Winter Ice Blessings To All!


  1. The green energy politicians don't care how their decisions affects any of the US or its citizens. I don't know anyone who can afford an EV not to mention what the cost of a new battery will be and where can it be disposed of? They cannot be recharged forever and ever.
    Have you heard of all the whales washing up along the east coast of DE, MD, NJ, NY? That is because the green energy folks are doing seismic testing in the ocean for their wind turbines. Guaranteed the politicians are getting rich off stocks in various areas related to the green energy alternatives being forced on us.

  2. Those ducks are beautiful. Doesn't the eagle eat them though?
    Eagles eat small pets so why not the ducks?
    The ice is mighty for sure.

  3. Winter has it's good times too....but I'm happy this week we're getting a little bit of Spring vibes with warmer temps. I'm sorry to see the small towns die when politicians think they have the answers. Our little town is getting a revival of sorts but it's still hard for the small shops to survive long term. I'm hoping ours will continue to do well and also draw in tourists on their way to the state park for camping. I saw 2 bald eagles a few weeks ago and was so excited. We're getting more of them and lots of folks enjoy finding their nests and watching them with the babies. Have a good week and enjoy your ice! Brrrr!

  4. Janice that looked cold, but beautiful. I didn't know there were winter ducks persay. I hate that small town died. Sandie

  5. Janice,
    I am thankful you share the TRUTH of what is happening to America.
    I just read an article about the whales washed up out East. The wind turbines are creating a noise that makes them swim the wrong way. The Green FOLKS do not care about conservation of our wildlife and the whales are PROOF!
    I am so sick of corruption, so I am thankful when I read your post sharing the TRUTH of small town America closed because of STUPID politicians.
    Oh Dear... now I got on my soap box. ;-)

    Thank you for sharing your river and ducks. As you know I love rivers.
    xx oo

  6. How lovely ......and chilly your photo of the St. Clair River is with the ice moving in.
    It is sad when factories, plants, and stores fold up as time moves on. It is so hard when everyone loses their jobs. How wonderful to be able to have all of the ducks and eagles to come to your area.
    Stay warm and safe! Wishing you pleasant February days!

  7. Such a lovely area of the St. Clair River. The ice washing up looks so frigid......and has a beauty of it's own! It is sad to see small town America vanishing. Times these days are so uncertain. Wishing you pleasant February days!

  8. Oh the ducks are so pretty...would love to see those in person. A colorful pick me up to the gray days. Yes, so many small businesses on our town square have come and gone...and my husband has lost his IT job twice since 2008...his dad retired from the SAME job with 45 years of service. Things aren't like they were. For me it feels job security. Stay warm and safe, Mary

  9. Sad what the current administration has done to ruin so many lives.

  10. Small town living and shopping - miss it! As we remodel the bathroom - we are trying to only buy made in America items....doing our small part to contribute

  11. The only businesses that seem to survive and even do well, are grocery stores and eateries. That is - food ( the fuel on which our body runs).
    The redhead duck is a beauty!


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