Saturday, October 2, 2021

Poison Apple Tutorial

 Woohoo its the weekend!!!

Happy weekend my friends!!!

                                I was thinking the other day,

boy Janice its been a long time since you

offered a tutorial.

So today I am going to tell you how to create
these poison apples.

Materials Needed

Faux apples (purchased mine at Hobby Lobby)
Black paint
Paint Brush
Glue gun and sticks (regular size, not minis)
Modge Podge
Wood dowel 1/8 inch thick
Gray Cardstock
Black embroidery floss

Step 1: Remove the stem from the apple.

Step 2: Cut dowel 6 inches long
Thank god for Bob as I HATE saws.
You might be able to just purchase some
candy apple sticks instead.

Step 3: Punch dowel into where the stem was.
Take out and add a bit of hot glue and stick back in.

Step 4: Glue entire apple with hot glue. 
Now it is best if you start from the top and
glue downward, then all around.
Make sure to leave some of the apple showing at the top.
It took me 2 1/2 glue sticks per apple.
Let glue dry 24 hours.

Step 5: Paint entire dried glue with black paint.
Let dry 24 hours.
Make sure the paint is well covered on the glue.

Step 6: Paint the black now with 
Modge Podge.
Let dry again 24 hours.
This will make your apple shiny.

Now if you want to add a tag,
so sorry I did not save the one I found on Pinterest.
I would do a Pinterest search for a
Poison Apple Label.
(thats where I found mine)
So sorry.
I fit it to size and once again I forgot to measure this.
Ensure it is the right size you like before
printing on cardstock.
Otherwise if you dont want a label it will look like
this without my label.
I attached my label using black floss.
{just add floss to your needle and punch hole through}
Tie and cut ends.

Looks like it is floating. WOW
Took this pic on the lid of the store toilet.

Now I created my poison apples using green apples,
because my witch theme was green and purple.
You may want to use a red faux apple.

Hope my instructions were satisfactory.

In other news,
I also created a poem to go with my apples.

I made up this poem and sized to fit
a 4 X 6 frame.
Printed on some fancy paper.
I had to make sure it was the correct size,
so I took the glass out of the frame,
placed on top of my printed poem using regular paper first.
Once I knew it fit, I then printed on the pretty paper.
Again put the glass on top of the printed poem,
drew a pencil line around and then cut to fit.
Feel free to make these if you like as well.

Poison Apple Blessings To All!


  1. Nice! The poem is a great touch. Do they still make color glue sticks? Or would they not be black enough? I'm wondering if it would save painting if they are still made.

    1. Well I did try to find some black glue sticks but could not find any. Janice

  2. LOVE IT! The poem is perfect. Thank you.

  3. Oh my goodness, these are awesome! Jane

  4. I seriously thought that it was an edible green apple covered with some kind of black liquorish with a glaze as a Halloween treat. You got a great label and did a great job.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. LOL I would not eat these even though I do call them poison apples. Janice

  5. So fun! Great idea to do with kids after the glue was dry. It does look like a real apple like Julia said!

    1. Well that was the intention for them to look real. Its seems I accomplished that. Janie

  6. Fun project...but I know I will never make the time to do it.
    Tks for sharing.

  7. Fun idea Janice! And, yeah...that photo of it on the toilet does look like it's floating. Spooky! ~Robin~

    1. Yes when I added the photo, I was like hmmm real eerie. Janie

  8. Great fun idea! I’m enjoying apple season! Apple butter, cider, chutney, pie, dumpling, grunt, crisp…

    1. Yes I love apple season! Had a caramel apple for dessert tonight. Janice

  9. I must be hungry, I was all ready for a licorice apple before I read the rest of the post! Wow, how creative! Ha ha I have to LOVE you taking the photo on the tank of the toilet -- a good place for a poison apple!

    1. Well please dont eat these if you make them. LOL Yes it was a good place for a poison apple it seems. Very eerie indeed! Janice

  10. Fun projects!! Thanks for sharing.

  11. This is very clever and so much fun! For a minute, I thought it was an eating apple (which would also be fun but not as good as caramel!) Oh, this would be perfect for a spooky centerpiece!

    1. Thanks Jeanie! Yes thats what I thought when I created them. Spooky fun! Janice

  12. Oh my goodness! What fun. Just love it!


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