Wednesday, October 6, 2021

A Halloween Tree

 October is here.

The month of Halloween!

Hello my friends!
I started planning my store Halloween room back in May.
Once I decided on my theme of witches/ witchcraft,
the colors I chose were purple and green.
I knew then I wanted a purple Christmas tree.
I tucked in Spanish moss, black feathers
and gray wood beads for garland.

So for this purple tree,
I then added purple and green lights.

It is hard to see in this pic, but the wall here
I added a witches brew scene I found.
Also hung an adult witch hat from the ceiling.

I had these wire baskets and realized they would fit
perfectly from the dresser drawers.
I just used bakers twine to hang them
 from the  door pulls.

Fun witch hats

These fun tags I made from black cardstock
and metallic letters.

Another tag.
I also made some Cheshire cats,
but forgot to take a close up of those.
You can see them in my second pic.

In the baskets I added witches burrs.
AKA sweet gum pods.
I use these all of the time mixed in with other items.
Great bowl fillers!
Also dried palm artichokes.
 Another item I use in my bowls.

Things were selling so fast, I changed the one
basket to sage smudge.

The palm artichokes up close.

These witch sugar cookies I made.
Sprinkles are in black, orange,
purple and green.

Also these cats. Background is really 

gray and white, but the green lights show this color.

You probably wont believe this,

but I already have my theme for net year.

Halloween Tree Blessings To All!



  1. Bet your hard work will pay off with good sales. Like several things but the black and white cat face in the basket is the 'cat's meow!!!!'

  2. It shows that you love what you do. Hope you have lots of sales. Halloween is a non event here, especially since we have no kids in the neighbourhood.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. I just love your Hallowe'en theme this year! And you've already thought up next year's, too! I am bonkers for Hallowe'en! Your shop is fantastic. No wonder things are selling quickly, so unique!

  4. What a great tree...and displays! No doubt things are selling fast.'re going to make us wait another whole year to learn next year's theme??? For shame. ;-) ~Robin~

  5. OH my gosh, Janice!! What an adorable tree and Halloween set up you created!! I just love what you made and how you put it all together. Lucky customers who can come to your store and enjoy shopping unique and fun and one of a kind items. The way you pulled it all together must draw a lot of attention. I am happy you are selling everything you goodes quickly too. All your hard work is being loved by many others!!

  6. very fun you have been very busy creating!!!
    and an answer to your question about my corn stalks. It could not be my daughter she lives an hour away and she can not keep a secret! WE think it is a guy from the fire department my husband belongs to.

  7. Witches speak to me! Ha! I love the items and your decor. I can see why they are selling fast! So fun! I never heard of sweet gum pods but I like how you call them witches burrs!

  8. Janice, love the festive shop decor. No wonder you sell out so quickly. I have picked up those pods once in awhile but never knew what they were called. Witches burrs are perfect..Happy Autumn..xxoJudy

  9. Oh my goodness, everything looks so Halloweenish! I love to do sales around Themes. You are right, we are too much alike. I made cookie ornaments like that too one year, only for Christmas show. Yours are a better. ahaha


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