Monday, October 18, 2021

Hocus POcus

Howdy friends!

Or should I say Happy Hocus Pocus. LOL

Love that movie and Bob and I watched it the other day. 

For witch craft, I sold these Lavender sage smudges.
All sold.
Pie pumpkins I made to the left.
In the back on the shelf all of these black cat buckets
are spoken for.

The witch boots are gone.

This tapping witch on the window sold first day.
Sold 2 others afterwards.

Brooms almost sold.

Beistle is back in business,
so I just had to purchase these centerpieces.
So retro looking.
Back in the 1700's it was thought
that witches turned into crickets.
Folks believed crickets were good luck,
and they would leave them alone.
Thus the reason witches turned into them.
This is all just folklore, but fit with my witch theme.

This was an actual witch craft book.
It did not sell, but maybe because I forgot to put
a price tag on it. DUH
I just realized it this weekend.

I placed 3 different potpourri in these 
vintage candy dishes.
Each with witchcraft properties.
When the dish became empty, I would re-fill.
The black beads with the hexagon star,
I created. 
They are called witch ladders.
Used to cast spells.
40 beads are on the on the longer ones.
The shorter one I also made had a feather and key.

Now for a few more ghost stories.
These are recent ones that happened 
in our antique store.

It is said that between the months of
September thru October is when ghostly
activity is most prevalent.
Am told because the Earth's crust is at its
thinnest this time of year.
Well we do get more activity at this time.
I don't even like going into our store
by myself during this time.
I always feel like someone is watching me.

First ghost story.
This just happened a week ago.
Our worker is under 5ft tall.
Our radio is higher than she can reach.
Bob always turns it on for her in the morning,
and turns it off at closing.
The radio is on for us and customers.
We always set it to a Canadian rock station,
because their weather reports are most like ours.
Canada is across the river from us.
Any way, our worker goes in the back
and when she comes back up front,
the radio station was turned to a Christian station.
She called Bob right away to see if by
chance he might have changed the station.
Nope, he did not.
But he had to come back and re-change it back.
Ghostly weird.

Then a few days later,
same worker is back behind the counter.
Off flies a shelf and lands in the aisleway near her.
She calls Bob back and says to him,
"Looks like a ghost knocked down a shelf"
Bob comes over again.
If a shelf falls by itself, it would land directly 
down on the floor...not fly across.

Unfortunately our cameras are not pointed in either
of these places, so we could not look to see
whom or what did these things.

After 20 years in the business,
we have had many weird happenings.


Hocus Pocus Blessings To All!



  1. Glad you had a profitable halloween (well not quite yet) you do have lots of ghost stories

  2. Interesting movement in your shop. Have you shared the story with your customers and if so what were their thoughts?

  3. Well, I can say that the Michigan Witches were excited to hear about the goings on in the store. They all agreed that they had a hand in it of course!! LOL!!! How exciting that everything has been selling so well for you! I know you are thrilled to be having such a great month too.

  4. Oh dear, what spooky happenings in your store.I wonder if it's a spirit that does not like witches? Whatever it is, it's paranormal. I would be scared to venture in there.

    Hugs, Julia

  5. Glad to hear sales are going well...such fun and clever goodies! And oh, the ghostly happenings (and your story) make me think twice, yikes! Mary

  6. Ooh! Spooky happenings at your shop! Looks like you had a successful Halloween season. You always have such cute things. Jane

  7. Perhaps you have made the store too inviting of an environment for the spirits with all the Halloween juju going on??? ;-) I knew those black cat buckets would "fly off the shelves" ( reference to the shelf flying off, of course.) ~Robin~

  8. Sounds like your ghostly visits are friendly...Well maybe not if they are throwing shelves. At least they like Christian music. Sounds like your store is busy and profitable. Believe it or not but I have never seen Hocus Pocus! It's on the list for sure!

  9. Boo! I do think a ghost is saying Hello.
    I enjoy seeing all your items. You are doing well. YAY!
    Happy Halloween and thank you for sharing the stories, I enjoy them.

  10. Glad sales have been good. I love the photos and loved the window photos in a prior posting, they look wonderful
    No lack of excitement in your life lol.

  11. glad sales are going good. Beistle is in business again, I didn't know. I love vintage ones. I also love a good spook story and these are 2 of them. I didn't know that about a cricket. Great post.

  12. I had to come back and read the comments and I laughed at the Cranky Crow's comment. lol... Maybe the ghost is things seriously getting over zealous and instead of letting you see things flying off the shelf, he send the whole shelf flying. Looking forward to hearing about the next ghostly happenings.

  13. Hi Janice, love hearing stories about the ghostly happenings in the shop. Is the building old? I don't remember reading how old it is but I'm sure you've mentioned it. I love the cricket story too, I had not heard that. I'm surprised no one asked you about the Complete Book of Witchcraft! I would have! Jan in MA

  14. Sounds like business is booming...that is a good thing!

  15. Spooooky stories! Yikes! The old adobe where I worked definitely had some strange visitations, too. I am so glad you are selling so much! Hooray! Maybe you ought to give a nighttime lantern-light tour (with good lighting at the end so they can BUY BUY BUY) about your stories!!!


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