Friday, October 22, 2021

Fortune Telling

Well is almost Halloween my friends!
We will be passing out candy at our gift shop,
then heading to one of our fav restaurants in town.
I usually get lobster ravioli, 
while Bob usually gets shrimp or perch.
We only go once a year because it is so busy.
Usually a 1-2 hour wait.
Not on Halloween night though, which is why we go.
This restaurant opened the same year
Bob and I opened our antique store.
We have known the owners ever since.

Today I wanted to show you my fortune telling
Area in our side window.

 You can peruse the pics,
while I tell you another ghost happening

First I need to explain we own 2 stores.
One an antique store, the other a gift store.
All of the ghostly stories when I talk about the store,
happen at our antique store,
not the gift just to clarify the ghosts
do not visit the Halloween nor the witches
 I have for sale at the gift shop.

This is an ongoing ghost story.
We even had the Detroit Paranormal Team
(local ghost hunters)
do a Facebook live episode on our antique store
about 5 years ago now.
They spent 3 hours taping and we told them
 nothing ahead of time.
They verified everything we knew
 that was going on in there at the time.
However one of those occurring happenings
still continues.

This is one reason why I do NOT go up 
in our attic any longer.
We have a lady with a child up there.
We are pretty sure they came with the building.
I dont think the lady likes me.
Or she knows I can feel her.
Now the child on the other hand likes
to let Bob know they are around.
We do not know if it is a boy or girl,
however most times Bob goes up there,
his shirt gets tugged from the back as
if a child was tugging on it.
The paranormal team also got their shirts tugged.
Only the men.
Bob even took a friend up there once and he had
 his shirt tugged...and Bob did not tell him
it might happen before going up. 

Although one of the guys from the ghost team
 also had his face scratched up there.
Now remember they were doing this live so there
was no way he scratched himself. 
I was watching it on their cameras live as well.
On the main floor though...not up there.
He yelled ouch and then turned his face,
and we saw the marks.
I think it was the lady.
She must have not liked him either.
They did verify it was a lady and child up there.
Could not tell us either if it was a boy or girl.

I have been up there only 3 times,
since owning the store for 12 years.
 I do refuse to go back up there now.
I never had my shirt tugged though either.

Would you be willing to go up into our attic?

Fortune Telling Blessings To All!




  1. Janice since it is an angry ghost I probably wouldn't go into the attic. Dang, I watch the Paranormal show and wish they would have a rerun of that episode.

  2. Wow, this is scary. It can't be a friendly spirit for sure. I used to watch those paranormal years ago but haven't watched them in a long time. I wonder what keeps that ghost in the attic. I wonder if she a prisoner in the attic at one time? Maybe she died there. That gives me shivers.

    Hugs, Julia

  3. Well??? I'd probably go up until she made me feel unwelcome...which is the point you're at it sounds like. I am sure you mentioned it along the way sometime, but what was the store in its prior life?? I assume the paranormal team did some research into that and who or why she might be up there? I find these old buildings so fascinating - the town where I went to school/worked, etc. used to do ghost tours in the fall of the downtown area... It was coordinated by the local bookstore owner - someone I went to school with - who is an expert on local history since the bookstore has been in her family for generations. She also coordinated a cemetery tour of some of the better-known "residents." Love all your fortune telling goodies! I'll take one of each please. ;-) ~Robin~

  4. You're stories are amazing...yikes, I wouldn't go up and I might not want to be alone downstairs! Our house is old, 1864, but I've never had any spookiness...knock wood! A friend told me that she did once in her garage...a black thing flying and hovering around - too much for me! Part of me wishes to know more, but then, maybe not...Mary

  5. I'd go to your attic -- but carefully! That's fascinating. And I love your shop. I hope to one day visit. I wish they'd get that ferry going again -- then I'd drive Rick to the ferry with his bicycle, come see you and maybe eat at that wonderful sounding restaurant!

  6. I think I'd go up into the attic. I love stuff like this, but of course never had an experience like yours. I agree with Jeanie in the above comment. "Fascinating"!!!

  7. Absolutely not!!! We had a ghost in a previous home, but she wasn’t scary, just mischievous.

  8. I am not one for believing in ghosts, but I'd stay clear of the attic!

  9. Because I do believe - I would want to go, but probably chicken out...ya, I'd chicken out...ahahaha

  10. You have so many great items. No, I would not go into that attic, nor any other attic. Not really superstitious, but just in case, just saying, lol.

  11. If I had my rosary firmly in hand, I would venture up, in case any souls were in need of the sight of the Crucifix. But that's just so scary. The shirt-tugging is kind of sad, too...


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