Friday, September 24, 2021

Spell Candles

For those following long,

you know that our Halloween room this year

is all about the witch.


Now these are actual spell candles.
Although these candles come in every color,
with each color having a different meaning,
I chose just to sell the orange and black ones
for all Halloween purpose.

I added a tag to provide the color meaning.

Since these candles are smaller than your 
normal candle,
I asked Bob to make the holders....
which he did from tobacco sticks.

Perfect for your Halloween spells!

I plan to use a few in my Halloween decor this year.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

With the chill and rain, it has been hard getting better.

Spell Candle Blessings To All!



  1. What fun and so clever! I just love Halloween. Beautiful carved pumpkins, sweet little trick or treaters, "bewitching" food, and a good-fashioned black & white movie (not into the scary modern ones). Looks like you're all set! Mary

  2. I could use a few of those candles! We all could get the negative vibes gone and the happy brought in! I'm all decorated for Halloween and Fall and need to blog soon. I hope you're feeling better soon and have a good weekend!

  3. Well, I like to go in the courtyard and "sit a spell" for sure! Cute decor and what nice holders!

  4. Love the candles Janice. The black ones are just awesome!!

  5. Surely was fun getting caught up with your posts. Back to back you had two of your best posts ever. And now your "Sit a spell" candles are perfect for the season.

  6. We finally had a nice day today and I'm so glad! I'm sick of the rain! The orange and black are fun!

  7. I love these Janice...and definitely could use some of them....especially the black ones. We've had beautiful fall weather, but a few hours ago it turned...wind, rain, and cold. Hope you feel better soon. ~Robin~

  8. Very clever. How nice to have a handy husband.

  9. Janice, I love those candy holders Bob made! He is so talented when it comes to making primitives. I hope you feel better real soon!


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