Wednesday, September 8, 2021


 And Satisfaction.

Hello friends!
Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend!
Even my Canadian friends who also
 celebrated Labour Day. 

After my SIL passed away,
my brother gave me a bunch of plastic canvas.
I decided to start using it and stitched up these.

I was creating Halloween ornaments this year
for our store tree.

I thought how fun what it be to have some
ribbon candy on it.

Created these back in May and even packaged
them up in packs of 6 tied with raffia.
What a big disappointment when I took
them out of my bin of Halloween items
to find them all cracked at edges where
I folded these.
I did not take a pic of them, because I was
so mad I threw them all away.
I still have some packed away that I did
for Christmas back in the 1980's that are still intact.
Not sure what the heck happened,
but will not make anything more 
with this old plastic canvas. 
Not worth it.

Now for some satisfaction.
Using yummy wool and fabric.

I created these lil pie pumpkins.

Rounded up some sticks from our parking lot.

Top in fabric and bottom in wool.
I love how these turned out,
so some satisfaction in creating these.
I also packaged these upon cello bags
tied with raffia.
They make great bowl fillers.

Have you ever created anything that 
was a flop and you ended up throwing it away?

Well in other news.
I am so perplexed with the PT
(physical therapy) summary
they gave my daughter the other day.
They told her the following were overdo.

Annual depression exam was due in 1993.
She has never been diagnosed with depression.
HIV Screening was due in 1996.
Social Detriments of Food due in 1981
(food disorder)
Hepatitus C was due also in 1981.
My daughter was born in 1981.

Obviously someone screwed up and gave
 her the wrong survey it seems.

What's even worse...
Covid 19 shot was due in 1993
Hmmm, covid-19 started in 2019.
Why would this be overdo?

She also had covid.
Was tested for antibodies.
Her doctor said she didn't need the shot.
I told her to find a different PT.
She sees her pain doctor tomorrow.
Hopefully he will get things right.

Mid Week Blessings To All!


  1. Bummer on those Halloween ornaments. I'd bet it's due to the plastic canvas being old, then bent. I suspect your Christmas ones would probably crack if you tried to straighten them. At least the new pumpkins turned out cute.

    That's really odd about the PT's summary for your daughter. Someone somewhere definitely screwed up.

  2. Sorry about the defective canvas. Your ribbon candies looked great before they cracked. I wonder if you could use some rug hooking canvas instead. All the work you put into it...

    That's a pretty big mixup with the PT summery. I hope that your daughter is healing from this unfortunate accident and that she is getting physical therapy pronto.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Your ribbon candy looked so cute , sorry the plastic broke ....

    My DIL has had many problems with her Drs too & it is beyond frustrating .....your daughter needs to change Dr's & PT . No one seems to follow up on anything !!!!

  4. GOOD GRIEF about the PT survey! GULP!
    I love the pumpkins.

  5. The candy was cute too bad your talent went down the tubes. The pumpkins are adorable as always. The physical therapist is a whacko,where are those questions coming from? Prayers your daughter keeps moving forward healing and in physical therapy.

  6. It is so hard to get a good Dr now. We looked at my husband's paper after his appointment and they had him down as black. He is an old white guy no mistaking it. I have had a lot of things I made go wrong to many to count.

  7. Ugh, that must have been so disappointing, those were super cute too! What a mess with the reports, I hope she feels better soon! Also, you had me at "yummy wool"

  8. Oh the ribbon candy idea is so clever...I'm sorry it didn't work out. But oh, the them! You have such talent, wish your shop was closer. And the survey...good grief. How do mistakes like that happen?

  9. Life would not be complete without mistakes, wrong turns, or projects that don't go as planned! Been there, done that, got the T-shirt! Your pumpkins however are spot on! When hospitals went to electronic records it was suppose to be better and more efficient. Having worked in healthcare I would argue that! I hope your daughter gets her records straighten out. Those kind of errors, unlike your canvas ribbon candy, can be life threatening. Have a good weekend!

  10. What a bummer your candy ornaments fell apart! They sure were cute. Your new wool pumpkins are very nice! I love the fabric you used and how they turned out.

  11. Good grief! What a mess with your daughter's medical records. That's nuts! And I've had a disappointment or two in things I've done and I really understand your feelings after the work, only to discover the cracking. But I love your pumpkins!


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