Sunday, September 12, 2021

Chat Noir

 The weekend is almost already over.

Where did the time go?

Are you wondering what Chat Noir means?
Well it is French for Black Cat.
This is the name I chose for my latest kitty.
I always start my creations with a drawing.
Some make it to fruition,
while others go back to the drawing board. LOL  

So if you look at my drawing,

I wanted a polka dot fabric in the middle.

 Now I did change up his nose quite a bit.
Added button for eyes instead of stitching them.
Plus no mouth.

Another change was this pumpkin.
I originally was going to have a hang tag
read the word cat in the rune stone alphabet.
I was not keen on that after awhile as it 
dawned on me others probably 
would not know what it meant.

Therefore instead of a jack o lantern
hanging from his right arm,
I just made a simple pumpkin out of wool
where the hang tag was going to be.

Then I realized he was naked. LOL
Missing his whiskers.
Plus my original drawing had an orange
fabric scarf around his neck.
I opted for this blue wool herringbone.
Orange and blue compliment one another.

Meet Chat Noir.
He was such a hit, I only have one left.

I received bad news yesterday
 from one of my suppliers.
This is the email.
Due to higher shipping costs 
and the uncertainty of the economy,
we have made the difficult decision to shut our doors.
We will fulfill any orders outstanding.
A big thank you to our customers for 20 years
serving you.

How sad it it for mom and pop suppliers
to shut down.
I am sure the big box stores will survive 
the higher costs of shipping,
but its those intermediary suppliers
who will not I am afraid.
I know I have not purchased as much
inventory this coming holidays
as I did last year.
Shipping has almost doubled,
so I have to purchase wisely.
It all sucks.

For some humorous news,
there was a squirrel who was scampering 
down the sidewalk.
He past our antique store,
but stopped dead in his tracks before
heading past our store because their were
folks outside at the next store.
Turning around to go back the other way,
he met Bob going around the corner from
our parking lot to our antique store.
Well this squirrel was in a pickle.
Not knowing where to go to now,
 he ran into our antique store.
We leave the door open on nice days.
Bob had to get inside and chase him out
before he broke something.
He did run out thankfully without
breaking anything.

Chat Noir Blessings To All!


  1. Cute feline and happy to hear they sold well. Yes is sad the cost of shipping, gasoline and all things have increased. As soon as I heard the date for USPS going up I placed an order for a bolt of linen to beat that date. So I'll be buying less mail order wool now too.

  2. Janice, I keep having trouble posting comments again and I hope this time will work. Your Chat Noir is adorable!! I love that face and the wool scarf around his neck! So sad that smaller businesses cannot keep going with the huge rise in shipping costs. We all suffer from that problem because it is many of the smaller places that carry the best merchandise. Big is not better in my view.

    Oh my we are almost overrun by squirrels down here. We love them and feed them dried corn and so they hang around for that and the seeds that fall from the bird feeders. They live down here and thrive because of the weather. We find them interesting to watch too. However, they can be a pest. Last Fall, they kept chewing off the leaves from the garland and then this summer they chewed off the light bulbs from the stand on the porch. Our porch is an open , but covered ,pergola so squirrels can climb up there. However, it was the first time in all the years I have had outdoor lights and decorative faux garlands hanging up on the front side of the top beam. Go figure!

  3. Your chaton noir is cute. Another word for baby kitten is minou in case you make some more. I'm sure they will sell quickly.

    Shipping has gone through the roof especially for heavy parts for tractors and equipment. Gassing up the car also has gone up. Soon we'll be back at riding bicycles, lol...

    I feel sorry for those smaller suppliers who can no longer compete. That goes for all the smaller corner stores, book stores gas stations etc. Those who are staying open have to put up their prices so high that they won't survive for long.

    Wishing you some great sales.
    Hugs, Julia


  4. Love your Black Cat !

    I would much rather buy from nice quality Mom & Pop shops too's sad . The Mall's looking very bleak & shopping just isn't fun anymore . I don't like shopping on line ....I miss the Good Ole Days !

  5. Chat Noir est tres belle!
    So sad about another small business closing. Shipping has been outrageous and is getting more so every few months.

  6. Janice, I love Chat Noir, and believe it or not I did know what that meant. She has the cutest expression on her face. I think she is a she! Poor little squirrel, glad he got away without any problems to him or to your inventory. It is sad what all this has done to so many people..Happy Sunday..xxoJudy

  7. Ooops... that comment got published way too soon... I was trying to find the accent symbol on my keyboard and hit the wrong thing. Anyway....what I meant to say was your chat noir is tres irr├ęsistible! You know I love those chats noirs, gatos negros, black cats...whatever you want to call them. Oye....a squirrel in a store like that could have been big trouble. Glad he exited without incident. ~Robin~

  8. I can see why your cat noir sold out! Super cute! My Granddaughter has a black cat for a pet and I was even thinking of getting one but I swore I'd never do another cat! The cat sanctuary here will not sell black cats during the Halloween season for fear people will miss treat them or just want them for that period of time. Take care and have a good week! Glad the squirrel found a way out!

  9. Chat Noir is adorable. No wonder you sold most of them. Squirrels are so cute but can certainly be a nuisance at times. So sad about the mom and pop suppliers. Hope you have a good week.

  10. Hi,
    I love Chat Noir.
    The bad news is so sad.. and I am seeing this more and more in our area too. A local mom and pop restaurant has closed its doors.
    I enjoyed the story about the squirrel.

  11. I adore your Chat Noir. I'm not surprised you are nearly sold out! And I'm sorry about your supplier. Supply chain is quite an issue these days and it's really taking a toll on the little guy.


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