Thursday, July 22, 2021

The Rest Of The Story

 Did I get your attention. :-)

Today is the remaining pics of my kitchen.
My plate rack.
The remaining are in the cabinet.
Both grammas had indoor plants,
so this lil faux one is in a granite berry bucket.

This is the space underneath the now spice rack.
The wood box holds my dish rags.
The opening will fit a toaster though.
In front is my salt and pepper holder,

Decided I wanted my prim spoon rack
on the side of my cabinet.

A wider shot.
So sorry Robin...still cannot see those blue 
pantry boxes on top.

The stove area.

The stove stayed where it was originally.
The only thing new here was the tile
and a new stove vent.

I love how my new stove light gives
off the shadows of my display.

This is my new spice cabinet.

I had to show the inside
because that dang pipe is still there.
Bottom shelf holds the garbage bags and 
dishwasher pods.
The rest are spices.

My wooden spoons are still here to the right
of the stove on the counter.

The sink.
Don't look at my ugly window.
We get new ones soon.

This enamel piece holds my sponges.
The candy mold is of course bunnies.

Both grammas had castor oil stashed
 in their kitchens, so I decided to add 
a bottle to mine now.
I like these round graters
because if you add a candle they give
off a cool pattern.
This display is on a marble cheese board.

Place some blue flowers in a blue Ball jar in back.

A bit dark, but its been raining a lot.

Another shot.

Tried to get a better pic of those pantry boxes.

Different angle.

Finally looking in from the living room.

Now if Bob hangs the item

above our table I will show you that.

PS thanks to all who commented on my last post.

Not enough time to answer them, but so

appreciate them!.

Rest Of The Story Blessings To All!



  1. I'm completely looks wonderful! Thanks too for the I worked on a table for our foyer, I kept in mind your ideas to add items your grandmothers had in their kitchens. I wanted there to be things the kids would notice...things from their family history. A piece of barn siding from my father-in-law's old barn was the perfect fit for a table top. Then I added crocks from my mother-in-law, a milking stool from my husband's grandfather, a photo from his grandmother, and an old transom window I found in our barn. A stitched piece that reads, "Count your blessings." seemed just right. Again, thanks for sharing your ideas to inspire me. Mary

  2. Wow, just drooling. What a lot of love and work! It would be a pleasure to use that kitchen!!

  3. Your kitchen looks wonderful. What a big difference from the before pictures and now. It all worth the hard work and inconveniences.
    You and your hubby have done a great job. Now, enjoy.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Your kitchen looks so warm & cozy !!!

  5. your new kitchen looks absolutely terrific, Janice. Well done to you and Bob. I love your decorative touches and the cabinets, that lovely shade of blue. It's the kind of kitchen in which I would enjoy spending some time -- either cooking or just having a cuppa!

  6. your kitchen looks wonderful and cozy I bet you are glad it is mostly done.

  7. Janice , your new kitchen just gets better and better with each new addition!! You have cleverly found homes for your primitives amid 2021 necessities. It all looks wonderful!! I love your rag box and what a good idea to have a home for the rags. I have some in a basket for easy grabbing instead of paper towels but I like your idea better. Your blue color and accents are so pretty and add just enough color and pop. Enjoy working and simply living in this new kitchen. Bob and you did an awesome job of reworking the space!

  8. Wow...just wow, Janice! An incredible and gorgeous transformation.... The result is so warm and cozy...and so very thoughtfully reflective of your loves and "roots." I absolutely love everything...and am hard pressed to pick out favorites...but I do say those amazing pantry boxes are the perfect finishing touch! I do also love the enamel piece you use for your sponges. I simply have mine in an old yellow-ware bowl....I like your idea much better but have never seen a piece like that. I wonder what it was originally used for. You and Bob should be so very proud of your accomplishments. I hope you enjoy it it thoroughly! ~Robin~

  9. I'm sure some magazine will be calling and featuring your kitchen! Very pretty, practical, primitive, and perfect for you! So sweet and cozy even on a rainy day! Good job!

  10. Kitchen is amazing,Bob did a great job. I am glad its complete. Can't wait to see the new windows,icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing


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