Monday, July 26, 2021

Summer At The Gift Shop

 Can it be Monday already?

Thank you everyone for the sweet comments.

Just no time right now to respond back.

That time of year with so many things going on.

Do appreciate them though!

Right after Easter, I started getting our
back room ready for Summer.

We are 11 miles from Lake St Clair
and 31 miles from Lake Huron,
plus we are a hop skip and jump from the St Clair River,
which connects these two lakes.

Being a river town,
lots of folks stop in looking for nautical themed items.

Even at our antique store,
so it only makes sense 
to have a river and lake theme
for our gift shop.

I search far and wide to find unusual items.

It pays off because our room is emptying out.

Which is also good because our storage room
is not that big.

Plus with me starting Halloween
in 13 days.....

well it is less I have to pack away too.

Still finishing up the last of my Halloween
crafts...oh how I wish I still had more time.
Oh well, it will have to do.

I have regulars coming in now
 asking when Halloween will be out.

They are excited as I am.

Some even asked if they can preview before
I open up the back room.

Every time I set op the back room
for the next season, 
I put up a heavy quilt in the doorway.

This makes sure no one can see in
whilst I am getting it ready.

Well have to go to work now.
Hope you enjoyed the pics,
even though not prim...I so enjoy
decorating for the seasons.

Summer Blessings To All!


  1. Great nautical themed items for your shoppers! I like the weathered look of them too. Your geographical location sounds beautiful . Big rivers are as popular down here as the ocean coasts. I love that you already have customers asking about Halloween! It is fun to hear that other areas of the US are fall and Halloween enthusiasts like myself. Can’t wait to see your Halloween handmades that you are working on!!

  2. Glad you had a bumper summer in sales. Better to be sold out than having a lot of leftovers to carry over into the next year. Congrats and I also enjoyed your nautical blog post.

  3. Glad you are having a good season. I know the little bookstore I work in is pretty busy too.

  4. Lots of neat nautical pieces !!!

  5. I live right next to the St John River and I love your nautical decorations. A really nice selection of items for sale. I'm sure it will all go really fast.

    Hugs, Julia

  6. Love all the items! I told Jack that if we ever decide to sell this house we have to live on a lake. So I'm thinking that might never happen but if it does I know where to shop. However, the Halloween has me excited! I may have to take an adventure ride to Michigan and visit! Have a good week!

  7. I enjoy nautical decor.
    I am so excited about your Halloween. Have fun getting ready.

  8. Ahhk! Your nautical treasures are priceless!! I loved your collection last summer, but you have even more this year!! How I wish you were within in shopping distance! My favorites are the herons (??) on the far left of the blue shelf in the fourth/fifth photos....and on the opposite sides of the mantel in the 8th photo. (Why do I always fall in love with the non-shippable items??) Looking forward to your Halloween treasures are many I know! ~Robin~

  9. I would be itching to pull a side of that heavy quilt back and peek in the Halloween room! But I would be a good girl and not do it! Instead I'd be admiring your nautical displays. So beautiful and fun!

  10. It looks nice. The quilt...ahahah....good idea! We had a sign once that said "the good stuff is back here" which we hung on our door while we were setting up next sale. People are so curious...ahahaha

  11. I'm guessing this is the busy season with boat people coming through (compared to winter). No wonder you have to put up Halloween before Labor Day! I was thinking that was early but it makes perfect sense if you anticipate traffic easing off after the holiday. I love the displays you shared. I'm a fan of nautical, too.


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