Sunday, July 18, 2021

A Bit More Patriotic

 July here in Michigan had been more like April.

More rain than sun.

Hopefully everyone else has more sun than rain,

Come take a stroll with me to see
some more of my Patriotic decor.
This is an up close of my chalk ware Uncle Sam.
Paired with this Americana bank.

Handmade flag bunting I made a few years back.

This flag is not old, but love that it says 76.

Winnie gifted me this lil pot holder,
which is underneath my candle.
Thank you again Winnie.

Wrapped patriotic ribbon around my dress hoop.

Tucked in my linsey woolsey blanket
in with my blue tick pillows.

Another gift from Winnie was this basket.
A perfect fit for my stars.

More ribbon around my violin.
Just a simple touch don't you think.
I purchased this coverlet for $25 at an antique store.
It is faded a bit and has a few holes, but worth so much more.
I truly do not think the vendor knew what they had.
Lucky for me though.

More red white and blue in my pillows.
I so love red and blue,
and so perfect for July decorating!

20 days until I start decorating the gift shop.
Just hope the last of the Halloween I purchased
arrives in time.
Will be taking a week vacation to get it all done.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

A Bit More Patriotic Blessings To All!


  1. Hi, I love all red, white and blue. I have enjoyed your patriotic decor.
    I like the Ball Lid box.
    I am excited for your Halloween shop!

  2. I’m envious of your coverlet! I recently saw one for $275 and was tempted. Love the decor!

  3. I love the colors too...year 'round, I like to add a little prim "mustard" yellow and I'm in heaven! Always appreciate your ideas. I just put a board on top of a table (perfect fit, so I think it was mean to be) that came from my father-in-law's barn. I found an old transom window in our barn and now I'm trying to figure out how to pull it together...your last photo has me thinking of ideas... Mary

  4. What a wonderful Sam you have. Love your stained homemade bunting a lot and might have to do something similar for myself here. Just might have to visit this post a few times while the idea develops in my head before the next Patriotic Holiday. Lovely post.

  5. Nothing beats red, white and blue...and you have displayed it beautifully. That coverlet is wonderful...and what a steal! My favorites, though, are your chalkware Sam and the bank. Is the bank old?? What a treasure it is!! Our July has bee "off" as well...but the past several days have been the perfect summer days....Not too cool, not too hot...and just a soft breeze. Beginning to see and feel the harbingers of fall here and there though...and one of my trees is already beginning to turn. I shudder to think of what winter will be like given that. ~Robin~

  6. Hi Janice - just love seeing all your patriotic. Can you believe July is nearly over? Summer has gone so fast! I do love fall though, so I'm very much looking forward to that decor. Enjoy the upcoming week! Jane

  7. Love that Uncle Sam! I have a lot of red white and blue in my house and I love it. I just bought a new quilt for our bed in red and white. A simple one from Walmart that will look cute when I'm done redoing the master and the bath. Maybe I'll get brave and post pics! Have a good week!

  8. I couldn't help but notice the tattered rug hanging and was wondering how old it is and if it's a family heirloom?
    Wow, July is going even faster than June. Halloween will be here before we know it.
    Enjoy the rest of July.

  9. I love that chalk ware Uncle Sam with his dapper outfit and pose. Where did you find that? Your homemade flag bunting also caught my immediate attention with its unique simplicity and homespun feel. Everything you have put together just feels like July and Summer. I am honored that my few handmades helped support your decorating too. I hope the rest of your July will dry up and get that summer sunshine out ! We have a mix of both excessive heat and thunderstorms every day. Just another swampy July down here!

  10. I'm a rug hooker and noticed your antique rug right away, love the simple design. And that coverlet! Twenty five dollars? Wow, you found a treasure for sure. I have to get better at decorating for the seasons, love the red, white and blue theme. We have had very few nice days here in MA this summer. Rain, rain and more rain. Hoping the rest of the summer is better. Jan in MA

  11. Did you get slammed with the flooding that was in the Detroit and other parts of the east side? Being close to the water, I wondered and hope you didn't. Lots of fabulous eye candy in this post, Janice, and I love it all!

  12. Pretty decor. The Uncle Sam is to die for.

  13. I love it all, especially that unique bunting you made!

  14. I love anything patriotic! I also have that bank in the first picture.
    God Bless America!!!

  15. Janice, I always enjoy so much seeing all that you have. Love the little shoes and the Uncle Sam..Hope you are enjoying summer..xxoJudy

  16. Such a pretty patriotic display! It certainly will not be long until time to decorate for Halloween.

  17. Everything you chose to decorate with made such a lovely patriotic display! I love it all!

  18. I love your blues and reds! I really like your bunting. What a great look!


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