Friday, July 30, 2021

Removing Chairs

Hope everyone is doing well. 

When planning out my kitchen,
I knew that I was going to lose two chairs,
and add my bench.
The brick is the back of our fireplace.

Our table is really a settee bench.
These were used near fireplaces
for the hearth was the heart of the home
in early times.
To change into a bench we take out the pegs,
turn the top on its side and re-position the pegs.
The chairs I removed were not from the 1800's.
Now the remaining chairs and bench are.

I also changed out our oriental rug,
for this new rag rug.
True color is in the last pic.
Gramma B always had rag rugs everywhere 
in her farmhouse.
It was a yearly job...
one which I enjoyed...
to rip old clothes into strips and then 
make piles of different colors.
Once gramma had enough color piles,
she would gather them up,
and we would take them to a lady she knew who 
created any size rag rug you wanted.
Gramma would mend and sew for her,
in exchange she would make rag rugs for gramma.

Next I purchased this French grain sack.
Both grammas had grain sacks on their farms,
but I wanted a French blue to be incorporated
into my blue and white kitchen.

I have another one that is red and blue stripe
that I put out for my patriotic displays. 
I also have a gold stripe one for Autumn.
They make great runners!

Next I placed my wood riser back on the table.
Oh yeah, another quilt on the back of the bench.

Gramma H used cloches in her garden.
It protected her seedlings.
Oh how I wish I had even one of her cloches.
These are reproductions I purchased at Hobby Lobby.

The large one holds a faux pot of French lavender.
Again a nod to my paternal French heritage.

The small one has an antique iron bunny.

The medium one has a pitcher of faux rosemary.
My Great Gramma H's first name was Rosemary,
so a nod to her.
She actually was born in France.

Well this is my first table display 
since kitchen reno.

The grands actually liked sitting at the bench
when they came over for dinner before
we all went to the fireworks.
It has a large pillow on the seat.
Will need to show in another post.

9 days and I start the Halloween Displays
for our store.
Am feverishly trying to finish all of 
the many projects that still need to be completed.

On the other hand,
every one of my suppliers is now charging
an additional 5 -10% freight fee.
I was sent emails from them all,
because of the rising gas prices...
which is due to the
 keystone pipeline being shut down.
The cost of fuel has gone up significantly.
Even our small town went from
$2.50 a gallon to $3.29 now.
I feel for those pipeline 
workers who lost their jobs
 through no fault of their own.

Bob and I work hard each day
at our small businesses.
I am fortunate to work from home right now,
but most days after I am done with
that job, I spend a few more hours at our gift shop.

I just hope we will still be in business a year from now.
because I will have to pass the fees on to my customers, 
else we wont make any money.
This all sucks! 

I also feel bad for those on fixed incomes.
Even food costs have gone up.
I changed my mind on retiring now,
and will keep on working.

We have lost our Canadian customers due
to the pandemic because they cannot cross
our river to shop,
 yet illegal immigrants 
can cross into our country every day.
What gives?

Wear a mask, dont wear a mask,
wear a double mask.
What gives?

I am so tired of all of this....

Well enough of my rant.

O hope everyone has a great weekend.
Please support your small mom and pop stores.
They are the heart of all small towns.

Heart Of The Home Blessings To All!


  1. Your post just made my BP rise because I totally agree with your rant. The imposter president is the reason for all your (our) problems with the gas pipeline, increase in illegals coming over with Covid and spreading it to the rest of the population. They are being given free hotels, healthcare we pay for.....etc. God Bless America.

  2. Love your rag rug and displays ....I hope Covid doesn't make us go into another shut down !!!!

  3. I love the blue rag rug and the clever table...what wonderful ideas you have to bring back those sweet memories. I agree...I seem to spend a small fortune at the grocery, but I don't come home with very much. And yes, as they slogan goes, Shop Local (and that doesn't mean big-box to me) I'm hoping to start selling cottage foods from our milk house this fall...maybe a little extra jingle. Do you sell online...maybe an option? Looking forward to your fall favorite season! Mary

  4. Ditto what Saundra said.
    All those pipeline workers got screwed and not even kissed. Such a shame.

  5. Your table display looks very comfortable and homy. Somewhat like my childhood. We had comfort with so little.

    I have to agree with Saundra and Lauren... As farmers, the cost for parts for equipment has gone through the roof. Everything is going up in price, it's ridiculous.
    I feel for the poor young families who were already struggling before the pandemic. All this bad weather, fires and floods will cause an incredible food shortage. I think everything is going to implode.

    Hugs, Julia

  6. Your bench idea was a perfect solution for space. I also love the French linens with just a simple stripe of color. The blue color that you have inserted here and there in the redo is both charming and a bold pop of color. Looking forward to your photos after the Halloween decorations go up! And yes, if only viruses could be contained, but alas, their only motive is to reproduce and the more they reproduce, the more the change of mutation happens. Viruses have no respect for borders, seasons, or the like. All they look for is the next host. This perpetual change is the nature of viruses and the only way to stop them is to stop the spread. Sadly, the current Delta mutation is more transmissible than the original version and the few other past mutations. We all want this to end, But until we can stop it , our best path is to follow safety precautions together so that the virus cannot continue to find a host and spread. Last year I saw some cute Halloween masks and I wish I had bought one. Who knew I would need it this year?

  7. I don't mind your rant at all. Many feel the same way, and some are too scared to mention it because of fear of getting "cancelled." Maybe I'll post about it, but I lost a job during COVID lockdown because a new manager brought in her politics (which I *NEVER* discussed at work) and suspected I was "conservative." She literally went hysterical at the idea of having an assistant who might be on the conservative side. I got cancelled! On a happier note, I love the settee/table set up! And the touch of blue and rag rugs -- just love them.

  8. Well, I had to work with a bunch of liberals at this quilt shop where I worked and I was treated like CRAP. So glad to be away from all of them. Love your bench Janice and yes I sure hope the border gets open soon. I am so tired of all of this.

  9. Everything is always so pretty when I visit here! I always love to see benches for seating at tables. I love the story of your grandmother sewing to exchange for a rag rug! I think we all understand your is such a hard time for many. Hang in there. Prayers and hugs to you

  10. Hi Janice, your bench is so charming - I've always loved that look for a kitchen. I picture a big farm family crowding in for their meals. Yes, things seem very messed up in our country right now - from civic, to higher prices to the unpatriotic athletes in the Olympics. I'm trying to figure out if these problems are bigger than others over the years or is it just that I pay attention more now that I'm older. Either way, it does weigh on the heart. In spite of all this, your pretty posts always brighten my day! Jane

    1. I meant to say COVID, not civic (although civic could apply too)


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