Saturday, July 10, 2021

My Patriotic Bedroom

 Happy Happy Weekend my friends!

My two favorite times of the year
to show off my bedroom are
July 4th and Christmas.

The reds and greens just pop in here.

The walls are a colonial blue,
which is why July 4th also works.

The only problem is trying to get pictures
by the windows as I have 3 large ones.

When I try to take pics with the windows,
always get the shadows and dark pics.

My steed has been moved here for now.

I have lots of quilts.
30 of them to be exact.
All over the house.

Even on my quilt rack,
which is our headboard.

Wonder what Ace was looking at.
Well he won't tell me. LOL
I do notice now the bed is not center.
We took everything out to clean
after kitchen redo...and it seems Bob
did not center the bed.  :-)
Guess I will have to go do that now. 

This quilt piece is a fav of mine for Christmas,
but with the star is perfect for July 4th too,

I forgot to take a closer pic of Uncle Sam.
He is from the 40's and is chalk ware.

Red. white and blue stockings.

My little table next to my closet.

Re-purposing my dandelions.
They remind me of the white fireworks
we saw last week.

My leather suitcase in front of the blanket chest.

Friends who always get along.
The black dollie I purchased from Angie
many moons ago.
I sure miss you blogging Angie.
This suitcase was my dad's.

Finally our rug.
We purchased this antique rug
at an auction for $50.00
It was a steal.

The other morning when I let Tundra out...
around 6:30 or so.
He started barking up a storm.
Wondering what the the conundrum was,
I quickly went outside to find him barking
at a baby opossum.
The poor thing must have been frightened to death.
Well I finally managed to get Tundra inside,
and watched the baby go under the fence,
probably on his way home for his daytime nap.
He was cute even though most folks dont like them.
I do like them because they curb
the slugs, mice, and insects. 

Speaking of Tundra,
he and I are off to Tim Horton's now
and then to the gift shop. 

Patriotic Bedroom Blessings To All!


  1. I always enjoy seeing your little vignettes that you create for various seasons or holidays. So many beautiful “this and that" accumulated over the years of being a part of the antique show circuit are just a part of your home. These old friends just make spaces feel special as well as beautiful!

    1. I never thought of it like that, but yes they are old frineds Winnie!

  2. I enjoy your photos, especially the hooked rugs. Your little hooked house was sweet too. Sadly a lot of people have abandoned their blogs.

    1. Yes so many blogging friends have stopped blogging. I so miss them all. Janice

  3. What a wonderful bedroom...gorgeous in all seasons. I love the quilts!

    1. Thanks! I cannot believe I have that many quilts and coverlets, and I purchased another one recently.

  4. lovely as always I am amazed at the energy you have to change things around all the time I wish I had half of it.

    1. Sometimes I wonder where I get the energy to do some things, but then I do love it!

  5. Hi Janice! That is quite a wonderful collection of quilts and I love all the ways you display them. Your bedroom looks so cozy - I'd be going to bed early and getting up late if it were mine! Hope you are enjoying the weekend, Jane

    1. I do go to bed early...but alas because of work...and then have to get up early. LOL

  6. 30 quilts is a lots of quilts and I bet they all have a story to tell.

    I know the feeling of changing the decor in the house because years ago when I was younger, I changed the room around so often and it made things look fresh but now, things pretty much stay the same. I only change the decor for Christmas and move things around only to accommodate the tree. I just don't have the energy anymore.

    Enjoy the weekend in your newly decorated abode.

    Hugs, Julia

    1. Yes moving things around does give it a fresh look. I probably wont be moving the furniture much anymore like I use to. Its getting harder on Bob.

  7. Great displays...everywhere!! I do love your chalkware Sam...what a treasure! I got very few things out for Independence Day although I have many fun things I enjoy displaying and usually make a big deal of it. Just not feeling it. And when I am the only one who ever sees it, there is no point. I miss Raggedy blogging too... I have asked her several times along the way and she's come back for a post or two, but that's it sadly. ~Robin~

    1. My mom has the same chalkware Sam. My kids hardly come over much either, but I enjoy looking at my displays even if I am the only one seeing them...then again all of my followers see it too.

  8. Everything is gorgeous Janice. Yes, you had better get Bob to centre that bed..........Oh my OCD......LOL. Have a great Sunday!!!

    1. Thanks Janet! Yes the bed is already back on center point. LOL

  9. I love red, white and blue.
    You are right, opossum are good insect hunters.

  10. I love seeing all your quilts. You display them so beautifully and they are just perfect in your prim home!

    1. Thanks Jeanie! I do have others tucked around the house as well.

  11. Looks so pretty and festive! I don't decorate the upstairs where the bedrooms are. I was happy to get the main floor done! I'll just enjoy your home! Your quilts are beautiful. 30 is quite the collection and very clever to make a headboard out of them. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Yaya. We only have the single story, so I try to decorate everywhere....well most of the time.

  12. As always, beautiful. Have you even been featured in a magazine? If not, you should be!

    1. Funny you should say this. We were supposed to be featured in a magazine in 2019. A lady came out twice for pre shoot photos...then the photographer was banned from coming over into the US from Canada. It was postponed, and then covid hit. Not sure what is happening now.

  13. Oh I love the look of your quilts and primitives when I lived in Kentucky I had my house similar.
    I didn't get any 4th decorations out since I hardly ever have company to show it off too

  14. I so love decorating. Should have been a designer.

  15. I love my primitives. My mom not so much, because she actually had to live with them as I just decorate with them. Except we do use our quilts.


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