Friday, June 4, 2021

Week Three

The weeks are flying by now. 

Cannot believe it is Friday already.

The new bottom cabinet with its wood top.
Bob made it all by himself.
It is quite the process which takes a few days in itself.
The cabinet itself is made of Pine.
The doors are Aspen.
White Ash for the top.

Week three brought us into removing the main wall.
No stove or sink now.
Ace looking for his food bowl....
which is now underneath Bob's work table.

Week three also brought more problems.
Water issues from before.
Ruined the floor.

Bob had to repair using plywood after

taking out the mushy floor.

We did not have an more flooring, but this will not be seen thankfully as the cabinets will be over it.

Ready for insulation now.

This stink pipe has been a thorn in our sides for years.
I tried covering it up with a towel rack before.
I hate it, but Bob says it has to stay.
The previous owner placed the bathroom
towards the front of the home,
so of course you do not want to see the stink pipe
sticking out of the roof in the front,
he ran the entire pipe to the back of the house
into the kitchen and then up through the roof
in the back.
Bad layout on his part.

Drywall up and mudded.
Bob will end up making some kind of cabinet
to hide this pipe.
I suggested possibly one for my spices.

Farm sink with cabinet now built.

Dishwasher in too.
Plumber came out to hook up
the dishwasher and water line
 since there never was one in this house.
Bob did not know how to do that...
so best to call in the professional.
Zack works for cousin Jimmy on his projects,
so we know he is reliable and good.

Take out and grilling are our nightly meals now.

Tundra has been in a routine of going 
to the store with me daily...
come Monday back to work at home.
Hope he adjusts.
We often have gone to Tim Hortons
where he gets his very own mini plain Timmie.

Week 3 Blessings To All!


  1. Wow, what a very handy and talented husband. Do you loan him out, lol?

  2. Wow! Looking good! Talented husband! Spice rack is a good idea. I can't wait to see the finished kitchen.

    1. Thanks Jackie! Yes he is a keeper. He is building everything I want for my dream kicthen. Janice

  3. My lands! It’s coming along great! I know it’s stressful when you remodel and don’t have your usual things at your disposal. But really, it’s looking super

    1. Thanks a bunch. Yes very stressful and look forward to it being done. Janice

  4. Renovations are so much more difficult that building from scratch. It's looking very nice and it will be so satisfying once all done. Soon you will be able to resume your normal routine.


    1. Sure are especially when finding issues. Hopefully things will get back to normal. Janice

  5. I can't believe the progress! Renovations always seem to have those unpleasant surprises like the mushy floor, don't they? You guys took it in stride, though. It's going to be so beautiful. Can't wait to see what is done for the "stink pipe" cabinet!

    1. Yes Holly seems like every time I watch a renovation show, they uncover problems which costs more money. Stink pipe is a stinker... LOL Janice

  6. Things are looking really great in week 3! Wow, lots of progress. Despite the extra work, it is a good thing you found that ruined floor and could fix the whole problem before it created more havoc. UGH, renovations in old houses can present all sorts of "silent" issues!

    1. Thanks Winnie. Bob will mail out your kitty in the morning. Sorry he forgot to do it this morning. He had to take his dad shopping and then forgot. Renos do suck when uncovering issues, but glad we found them now before the mold set in. Janice

  7. Looking so very awesome Janice! As everyone else have a husband with some awesome talent. I love your blue cabinet! And, ummm, your remodel is going much quicker than mine. I, too, can't wait to see Bob's solution for the pipe. I have a sump pump pipe in my (probably-never-to-be-complete) craft room, but it is in a corner. Someone suggested a corner cabinet..and then another in the opposite corner for balance. But, of course, it would have to be custom-built and I don't have a handy husband. Hope the "back-to-work" thing goes smoothly for both you and Tundra. ~Robin~

    1. Yes Bob is a keeper. I remember boxing in my basement sump pump at my old home. That was also a sore spot. Spent my fist day back to work just reviewing emails and chatting with everyone welcoming me back. Not much of a productive day. LOL Hope your reno is moving along. Janice

  8. You are so lucky to have a handy hubby. I just got a quote for cupboards in my oh-so tiny kitchen. I about went in to cardiac arrest and that did not include labor!

    1. Yes he is surely a keeper. Bob's cousin told us that if he was doing the job of building our cabinets it would be at least $3000, not counting the counter am glad Bob learned how to do this. Janice

  9. Progress for sure it will look great when it is all back together.

  10. I'm so full of'll be lovely! Thanks for the details on your wooden counter, it's much appreciated. We have an odd pipe too that runs from the upstairs bathroom down through a corner in the foyer. We've never seen it...someone boxed it in years ago...maybe an option for you? Unless of course either of us ever need to get to's always something!

    1. Your pipe is probably a stink pipe too. Yes and let's hope we do not have to open it up. It is boxed in now. Janice

  11. So much work but it's looking beautiful! How nice to have a handy hubby!

  12. Thanks Yaya! It is coming along and I am loving it! Janice

  13. Hi Janice! Reno is never easy, but yours is coming along beautifully and I just know you will love, love, love it when you are done! Jane

  14. Thanks Jane. As well am sure you will be thrilled with your new home! Janice


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