Saturday, June 12, 2021

Week 4

Howdy friends and Happy Weekend!

Thanks for following along on our kitchen redo. 

As we go into week four with the auction over now,
which was a success...but our garage is still full.
How the heck he packs a 2 1/2 car garage is beyond me.
At least now Bob was able to spend more time on the kitchen.

More cabinets being built.

This one with the plate on it was supposed
to have my antique window as the door.

I have saved this window forever it seems.
I wanted an upper cabinet to remind me
of my gramma H's china cabinet with 
this glass window pane.
However it will not work here as my cabinet door.
So this cabinet will be an open one now.

The taller cabinet next to the refrigerator
will hold our cat and dog food.

This one will have 4 drawers,
which Bob made as well.

Here is the wood he used for the countertops.
Clamped together to glue in place.
This takes a day.
If all goes right that is.
For some reason this piece did not adhere
to Bob's liking, so he re-did it again.

Then he sanded it smooth.
Unfortunately wood is no longer this wide anymore,
so he has to do it this way.
I was not a fan of butcher blocked pieces,
so this way it is only two pieces instead 
of many tiny ones.

Starting to take shape.

This little cabinet being higher was my son's idea.
Our microwave will fit perfectly on it,
and because it is skinnier than the others 
on the main wall, I will be able to reach into the corner.
Plus the pets have a place for their food now.
Win win for all!

You can see the two shades of white here.
The creamy white of the cabinets,
and the white for the walls.

The tile came in and I am really getting excited now.
Like a kid in a candy store. LOL

Hopefully week five will be the finished project.
Then I get to decorate.

Hoping everyone has an enjoyable weekend!

Week 4 Blessings To All!




  1. It is looking great!!! The microwave perch being higher is sheer genius.

    1. Yes it will be more eye level than having it on the counter. Plus I will have more room on the counter. Janice

  2. It looks great! You will be thrilled when it's done...decorating will be so much fun! And I love the window idea...maybe it can work it's way in somehow? Put the hinges at the top so there's room for it to open upward? And thank you for showing the countertops so closely...hubby is and IT guy and I was a cookbook editor...translation: we have no carpentry skills. But you're inspiring us...can't wait to see it completed!

    1. Bob is so inspiring! I will be the reaper of a new kitchen. Janice

  3. It looks wonderful! Your husband is so talented and everything sure is coming together nicely. Can't wait to see the finished kitchen! I'm sure you can't either!

  4. Wow!!! Everything is looking amazing!! I am truly impressed not only with your husband's carpentry skills and craftsmanship but also with how quickly this is all being accomplished. I know it likely doesn't seem that way to you and Bob, but it truly is. Trust me...I've been living with my current project for 16 weeks now; refacing my kitchen cabinets at the lake took almost as long...and WWR lasted over a year. Can't wait to see your final reveal! ~Robin~

    1. WOW 16 weeks. EGAD I dont want to even say Bob is finished. Well just needs to tweak a few things, then I am able to start decorating soon. Cannot wait. Janice

  5. I'm very impressed with how much work got accomplished. Your husband is very talented. It's taking shape quite nicely.
    I'm looking forward to the finished project.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Yes he is very talented. Next post will be most of the finish and then the decorating begins. WOOHOO! Janice

  6. I am impressed too! What a wonderful job your hubby is doing. The two of you together are quite a team. What a beautiful kitchen you will soon have!

    1. Yep am looking forward to having it finished. Janice

  7. Oh my goodness, looking so nice!

  8. I am liking what I see!! Can't wait for the tour.

    1. Thank you Carla. I cannot wait for this to be over myself. Janice

  9. It's coming along so well! I'm impressed. I don't suppose Bob rents out, does he?!

    1. LOL If yo lived closed he might. He was helping a local lady around her house a few years ago. Janice

  10. Everything is looking so good!! I really love the blue cabinet with the lighter cabinets too. Looking forward to this coming week where things can wrap up. Bob has done such a great job making your custom kitchen plans a reality!

    1. Thanks Winnie! Yes Bob has worked hard in bringing my dream kitchen come to fruition. Janice

  11. Lookin' good. You are so lucky to have a handy hubby who is willing to put his skills to good use!

    1. Yes I have said it time and again he is a keeper! Janice

  12. How exciting!! It looks great!Kit

  13. Thanks Kit! Looking forward to having my kitchen back. Janice

  14. Oh my gosh Janice! Your kitchen is looking soooo good - Bob is one talented guy. I adore the beadboard and the white & blue cabinet combo. Hopefully you will find the perfect new place for your window. Jane

  15. your kitchen is looking great! I bet you are anxious to get it back together.


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