Thursday, June 24, 2021

A New Bakers Cabinet Area

 Are you ready for some decorating?

Hello Friends!

Thank you to everyone who followed along
our kitchen remodel and commenting when you could.
I read all of the comments to Bob,
and it made his heart beam with delight.
He is very proud of the job he did,
and I am so very proud of him for everything!

Here we go!

When I removed my tobacco stick for our reno,
at that time I had no idea where I would place
it afterwards.
Well once Bob finished the first blue cabinet, 
I thought...hmmm...wonder if it will fit underneath
the white cabinet.

I measured both the stick and the space.
Realizing the stick was 4 inches longer,
I ask Bob can you cut off 2 inches on each side?
Yes he says.
Great it was going back into the kitchen.
Looks off kilter here, but thats me taking pictures.

Now I said before that this kitchen
was going to be a nod to my grandmothers.
They both made cheese, so here is my cheese basket.
Gramma H and I love bunnies, so my bunny ditty bag.
Gramma B used her enameled colander every day.
{this is not hers, but an old replica}

Graters and wood spoons were used by both.
Gramma B used enamelware in her entire kitchen.

So my first tobacco stick display in my new kitchen.
I am sure this will change for the season's...
but for now I will enjoy thinking about my grandmother's
each and every time I go into my kitchen.
Plus am glad I could keep my tobacco stick.

I then added more bread boards.

My sugar, flour and brown sugar containers.

Another piece of enamel.

When gramma B made pies,
she would put them in the window sill
under a shoo fly screen and let them cool.
Although I am using faux muffins,
the shoo fly screen is legit.
on top of an enamel plate.

Now this salter is not a memory of my grandmother's,
however because I am calling this my bakers cabinet,
salt is needed in all recipes.

Now the drawer on the left has utensils in it,
while the one on the right has my measuring spoons,
measuring cups, whisks and spatulas.
The bottom doors contain my mixing bowls,
baking pans, mixer and a few odds and ends.
***on the floor is our kitties water and food bowls***
They fit perfectly there as they do not interfere
with me opening the doors. 
This may not look pretty, but reality.
My kitties need their food and water.

My blue trencher back where I first placed it.
I still have no idea what I want to place
on the white cabinet to the right.
It currently has some of Bob's stuff on it too.
Inside though it has all of our canned goods.
This is my new pantry cabinet.

Oh yeah, almost forgot,
the cabinet above the blue one holds
my oils, spices, nuts, chocolate chips...
and anything else baking related.
This is why I am saying this is my baking cabinet area.

I am sure most of you have heard of the tv show
Love It or List It.
Well I am loving my home again...
no listing now.

Baking Blessings To All!


  1. It's looking just terrific, Janice. And what an accomplishment! I know it has taken a long while but it looks so very worth it!

    1. Thanks Jeanie. More to show off in upcoming posts. Am over the moon with my new kitchen! Janice

  2. I hope that you will be very happy in your newly renovated kitchen and you'll do a lot of tasty meals to reward your sweet hubby for all the hard work he did in your kitchen.
    It looks very nice.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Oh I am truly happy with my new kitchen. Since I work from home currently, I have made more meals at home now for over a year. We hardly go out to et any more...which was not the norm when I had to go into the office. Janice

  3. Looks so pretty and love how you use your family heirlooms !!! I would love to throw out all my kitchen cabinets and use only old pie safes , jelly cupboards & other neat old cupboards , just looks wonderful !!!

    1. Thanks a bunch! I would have used all cupboards if I could, but I had to think about resale value...even though I do not plan on selling now. Janice

  4. It is so pretty, I love blue, I enjoy how you decorate.
    I want a shoofly screen. ;-) How fun!!!

    1. Like everything, there are many fake shoo fly screens out there. I was fortunate enough to have this real one. Janice

  5. How pretty it all looks! You arranged everything so wonderfully!

  6. I love it all! It is so pretty and well displayed! You always do such great decorating!

  7. Let the decorating fun begin! Beautifully done in every regard....And how great to have all your baking "stuff" so organized and right at hand. Mine are a wee bit scattered, but I do have one cupoard that just holds my spare flour, sugar, salt, brown sugar, baking chocolates, etc. I just organized it a bit last week...what a difference that made. I love, love, love that gorgeous salt keeper!!!! Gah!!! ~Robin~

    1. Yep let the decorating begin for sure and more to come! Now that I have my new kitchen, everything has its own place. No disorganization any longer for me. Janice

  8. It is looking pretty wonderful!!! I bet you are enjoying your new space a lot.

    1. Yes, our kitchen is much bigger, but I will save that for a future post on how that happened. Stay tuned. Janice

  9. Love all of your personalizations. Know you will enjoy it all.

  10. I also want a shoo fly screen! You two are quite a team for,together, you have created an incredibly beautiful “old” kitchen!

    1. Thanks! Yes he is a good builder and I am a good decorator. More to come. Janice

  11. Confession time - I wasn't so sure about the blue (remember country blue and country rose SO popular and everywhere on everything in the 80s? ugh - not for me!) but I like it. I *like* your French blue cabinets :-) And Bob's done good!

    1. Oh my, yes I do remember the blues and roses from before. Those colors were in my previous home everywhere. Nope I wanted a French blue this time. My favorite colors are red and blue now...because they go with all of my primitive antiques. Janice

  12. Oh my, your new kitchen is looking great!! I love what you did as a nod to your Grandmothers. My only kitchen wares are the two cornbread cast iron pans. They hold a top shelf place on my tiny Buttery shelving. I think keeping our past influencers from our families all makes a kitchen really feel like the heart of the home. Your tobacco stick makes the perfect thing for displaying what you want and looking prim at the same time. My Grandma used a lot of the grey and white with red trim enamelware in her old kitchen. Enamelware was the kitchen utensil of choice because of all the colors, different pieces, and durability of it. It was also much lighter in weight compared to cast iron and make storing easier as well. You are off to a fantastic start with your work so far. Modern stuff in drawers and old stuff out. I love that approach!!

    1. Thanks Winnie! More to come to nod my grandmothers. Of course the items I have chosen are not really my grandmother's, but items I purchased that I knew they once owned. Gramma B used enamelware for everything, while gramma H used ironstone and china. Well our Keurig coffee pot is on the counter. Bob needs his coffee. LOL I dont drink it. Janice

  13. I just love it...not only does it look wonderful, but to have items that bring sweet memories of both grandmothers is touching. I admire that you did many kitchen remodels are missing heart - but not this one. Hats off to you both...great building skills and decorating talent. You've inspired me. (And if you ever find yourself in Ohio and want to put in a counter, let me know!!) Mary

  14. Thanks Mary! I truly waited and saved to have this kitchen to decorate with my prims and antiques. Well we used to go down to Ohio twice a year to the Springfield antique show, but have not done it since covid....not sure if we will be coming down this year either. I know a friend here in Michigan who had the Amish make all of his cabinets and counters. Maybe you might be able to find one in Ohio to do it for you.

  15. I love it all Janice. It all looks wonderful. Lot of hard work surely went into making all of it happen. Wishing you and Bob a wonderful weekend.

  16. Thank Janet. A long time in the making. Hope you have a wonderful weekend too! Janice


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