Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Week 5

Today's the day.
Final week of reno.
Lots of pictures.

This was the tile I picked.
I wanted an old world French blue one.
I found this online, 
but Bob wanted me to go to where his cousin
purchases his tile for his discount.
Well we went to the tile shop and found nothing.
Bob says...order it online.
When I went back online to order it,
it was 25% off.
Plus shipping was free.
Notice the white spice cabinet.
This was the solution for that stink pipe.
The opening at the bottom was Bob's idea for
the toaster...I have another plan.

The other pic was the tile up with the spacers
placed for the grout.
We used the same grout as our bathroom
that we still had on hand.
More money saved.

Another nod to the old world look
with the rusty grout.
It turned out great I think.

A rather dark pic,
but this is the final reno completed
with wood top.

My new light over the sink.
Another schoolhouse one to match
the one which is over our table.

All lit up.

The one on the counter is the one above our table.

Bob took it down to repaint the ceiling.

Love my blue cabinets.
Bob even made the drawers.

Almost finished.

Part of the wood top on.

I cannot believe how well Bob cut out for the sink.
There was a template given with our sink...
but I did have a few doubts Bob would be able
to pull it off himself...but he did
Kudos to him!

Both sides on now.
Bob filled in the crack with wood putty,
and once sanded it disappeared. 

I cannot tell you how many little cans
of stain both Bob and I brought home.
We wanted to match our hickory floor.
We went everywhere.
too dark, too light, to red.
But finally we just had to pick one which was close,
but no cigars as they say.

                                              Almost there.

Our baby inspecting the new kitchen.
He was always at the store during the day
with me whilst Bob worked on the kitchen.

Tops now stained.
Notice the floor above and the counter.
I think we matched pretty dang close.
What do you think?

Looks a bit red here.
Not sure why.
Don't look at the stuff in the sink. LOL
Bob always put the dishes in the sink,
then when I got home, I had to wash them in the
laundry room sink.

                              Well thats the finished product.
Bob had to take back the faucet as it was leaking, so am without a sink still, but will get it fixed soon.

Now I get to clean and then decorate.

Woot Woot.

First the wood has to dry a few more days.

Cannot wait to show you how I decorate now.

Reno Over Blessings To All!



  1. Wow it looks amazing. I just showed my husband too. Great job! I love the "old world" meets "Shaker" and the countertops!

    1. Thanks a bunch Jackie. Lots of hard work for Bob. Janice

  2. Love your choice of tile!!!! Everything looks mawvelous!

    1. Thanks Saundra. It reminded me of the old world French tile. Janice

  3. Been so long since I visted. Oh my the blue! Reno's are never fun till they are finished.

    1. WOW what a blast from the past. So hoping you and your family are doing well Amy. Blue is one of my fav colors. Janice

  4. Janice, it is really beautiful. I love the blue and the tile is outstanding. My dad made wood counters in the house I grew up in and I always remember and loved them. You did a perfect match to the flooring. Can't wait to see it all decorated with your beautiful prims..Happy June..xxoJudy

    1. Thanks Judy. When I started to design this Farmhouse meets French kitchen I knew then I wanted the old world tile. Janice

  5. It is beautiful Janet. Can't wait to see it decorated.

    1. Thanks Constance. Still working on the decorating part. Janice

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks a bunch! So glad it is almose at the finish line. Janice

  7. Janice , your kitchen renovation is looking beautiful!! Wow, Bob did a fantastic job on everything. His solution for the pipe was ingenious and it looks like it should be there. Enjoy all of these new changes and I am looking forward to the decorating part now!!

    1. Yes Bob sure is a keeper! I do like my spice cabinet now. LOL Even if it does hide a stinky pipe. LOL We ran into a snag on the sink drain and faucet, so decorating had to take a pause. Janice

  8. Yay, You are at the finish line, Congratulations on the great job your husband did. Great choice of tiles. I love it... I can't wait to see your feminine touch in the decorating department. I know it will look fantastic.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Thanks Julia! We hit a bit of of a snag...which was not fun, so the decorating was put on pause for a few days. UGH. Janice

  9. WOW!!! I love it. I am excited to see how you decorate.

    1. Thanks Carla. Soon I will be able to start showing it off. Janice

  10. Janice, it's fabulous. I love the color -- that very pretty blue is one of my favorites and it is so fresh and lovely. And those French tiles are spectacular. I'm so glad you went with that -- and with what you wanted. The cabinetry is terrific. Four star all around -- congratulations to you both!

    1. Blue and red are my fav colors! I will let Bob know he got a 4 star review! Janice

  11. This is even better than I thought it would be...and I thought it would be pretty dang amazing given the progress photos. I'm a wee bit jealous of your spice cabinet. For some reason, I did not have the forethought to have one incorporated in our new kitchen....and I use a lot of different spices. But, I have to say, my very favorite part I think is that wonderful tile you found for your backsplash. Absolutely beautiful...and ties everything together so wonderfully. Have fun with the fun parts now! ~Robin~

    1. The tile is my favorite too! So glad I did go with that one. Hope your reno is progressing. Janice

  12. Oh they're beautiful...and I'm in love with the look of wood! Can you share the stain name/color and how you plan to protect them? I'm so inspired! What talent, it looks absolutely wonderful!!

  13. Just beautiful, great job Bob. I have enjoyed watching the journey but living it is no fun. The end product is perfect. Can't wait to see it decorated

    1. Me too! Bob hit a snag right after we thought it was done. I had to wait a few more days before decorating. Janice

  14. Fabulous! You matched those wood tones perfectly and your husband is quite talented. Love the blue! My favorite color. Enjoy your new kitchen!

    1. Thanks Yaya. I was lucky we were able to match the cabinet color and got close to our wood shade. Very hard to decide. Janice

  15. Looks great. Bob’s a rock star. Have fun cleaning and decorating.


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