Sunday, June 20, 2021

June CupboardScape

Another month almost over already.
a6Summer is here.

                       Before I start this month's Cupboardscape,

I must confess that in fact I do have

an antique in green. This enamel cups rim is green.

So with our kitchen still a mess.

Bob at least re-painted my Cupboardscape wall.

I decided I wanted to celebrate my

grandfathers memories for Father's Day.

My grandfather's liked to take a nip of whiskey
every now and then.
In fact my maternal grandfather was put
in jail for 2 weeks for having a still
during prohibition.
Both lived in a log cabin for a period of time as well.
The tankards and mugs are just vessels for a nip.

Because this was such a simple display,
I decided to show you my entire cabinet.
I do notice that one of my cake crocks should
be moved over to the right. LOL

I have to dust every nook and cranny,
cabinets and rugs need to be cleaned.
Will take some time though.
Hopefully I will be able to add a few
patriotic displays somewhere....

Happy Father's Day to all the dads!
Mine passed almost 18 years now.
He was kind and patient, 
and if we did something he did not like...
all he had to do was give us the look.

I remember one time when I was 20.
I played softball and after the game was over,
us girls closed the bar.
Then we decided to go out to a restaurant
that was opened 24 hrs.
I came home around 5:30am.
My dad opened the door for me.
He was on his way to work.
I got the look.
The only thing I said to him was,
"it will never happen again."
He never said anything about it, 
even later that evening.
All I did was take a shower and go to work.
It was a rough day. 

Dad's Day Blessings To All!


  1. I love your table scape my dad had that look he rarely said anything to us.

    1. Looks like there are many who commented whose dad was the same. Janice

  2. You have the best crocks!
    Lucky you to have such a great dad.

    1. Yes I was lucky getting the script ones. Very rare.

  3. I love those crocks with the scripts. A nice display for your cupboardscape.

    My dad was about the same. He would say, "if I ever catch someone doing this or that" but never laid a hand on anyone. We knew by his look and that was enough.

    gs, Julia

  4. LOts of dusting to do, but that's one job I wouldn't mind doing at your house. Ha Ha! On the green. I am guessing you do not care for green.

    1. Well I would rather do dusting than laundry. LOL Nope not a fan of green antiques. Janice

  5. I'll come dust for you if you promise not to count your jugs when I leave. 🤣 I love the signature jugs...and the cake crocks...squeal!! I am sure you will have it whipped into good order in no time.... For some reason, cleaning after a remodel always seems less tedious than regular cleaning. My dad has been gone 47 years hard to believe...but the hurt is still there. ~Robin~

    1. LOL Robin. Guess I will be dusting myself as I dont want to lose these crocks. Well to be honest, we already have cleaned now. Had to completely remove everything and move all of the cabinets because dust was everywhere. Yes losing a parent is so hard. Janice

  6. I am glad your dad gave you The Look and you know it was to keep you safe!

    1. Yes it was a good thing. Times were different back then too. More things to worry about with children now. Janice

  7. Love your collection of crocks and that old green enamelware cup! I would love to be able to see them all close up in order to enjoy the details. My Dad has been gone 23 years now but there is hardly a day that goes by that I don’t think about him and wish he was still here.

    1. Yes it was extremely hard losing my dad right before Christmas. So hard to lose a parent as you know. Janice

  8. I enjoyed the memories.. your dad sounds like mine, when I made mistakes.
    xx oo

    1. Sounds like a few of my fellow bloggers had a dad like mine. Janice

  9. What a wonderful way to honor Father's Day with your cupboard scape and your warm memories of your father.

  10. I'm with Cranky Crow, I'll help dust too, just don't count the jugs. That is a good story about your dad. My dad had a look too. I never wanted to see that look or disappoint my parents, that was discipline enough. One time I did something similar and a cop showed up at our house - neither my dad or mom ever mentioned it to me, but I knew they knew what had happened. Them not talking about it and my living with not wanting to talk about it was torture enough...ahhaha

    1. Geez you Wisconsin gals I have to watch out for. LOL Oh no, a cop came calling. That happened to my brother. Janice

  11. Great memories Janice! Love the "nip of whiskey" story especially. Jane

  12. Yep the whiskey story was true. If prohibition did not happen, there would be no story. Janice


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