Friday, September 18, 2020

Falling Into Fall

I am loving the cooler temps here in Michigan.

I am bringing out the quilts
for decorating and adding to the sofas.

The colors fit perfect for my items
in my collection.

Just adding a few things.

To change up my look.
Like this reproduction coverlet piece.

Thinking outside the box to add this garland.

Using these boxwood wreaths
that we aell in our gift shop.
So love the color of these!

Changed my red bowl out for my orange one.

In other news.
Tundra is growing.
I had to take him to the vet yesterday.
We thought he broke his front leg.
Being a maniac puppy,
he was running in the yard at top speed
and tumbled over and over.
Then started screaming and crying.
It was heartbreaking.
So glad he just sprained it.

Then yesterday we had a fawn in our yard.
We have no idea how it got in there
as our yard is fenced in.
The mom was pacing back and forth on 
our neighbors side.
Bob went out to open the gate to let it out,
and it scared him so bad, that he
crashed right through the gate.
Luckily the latch popped open 
and he did not break his neck.
I watched it happen from the window inside.

Hopefully our weekend will not be so crazy.
Once again Tundra and I will be
at our gift shop both days.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Falling Into Fall Blessings To All!


  1. oh my goodness...poor Tundra and fawn. Tundra is so cute!!! Love your display. I'm looking forward to fall colors.

  2. Everything is so lovely and little Tundra is a darling. I'm so glad his leg will be well soon.
    Happy Autumn

  3. For a minute I thought it was lucky that BOB didn't break his neck! And poor Tundra. I hope you all can simmer down a little and stay all in once piece. (I love decorating with my quilts too.)

  4. You should hang pictures of your decor in the shop to show how pretty your items look when on display. I'm sure that deer leaped over the fence. They can jump pretty high and like Tundra often go speedily into life! I'm sure the Momma was happy when it was back on her side! Have a good weekend. We have the same lovely cool temps and I'm thinking a fire in the fire pit is going to be happening!

  5. Your fall display is lovely and I so love that butter churn. I used to make butter in a similar churn as a child. Great memories.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. how sad for your puppy and the fawn. Your decorations are wonderful as usual. this weekend I vow to get some fall things out.

  7. So sweet that mamma deer waited for her babe and they were safely (for the most part) reunited....and also grateful that Tundra's injuries weren't worse. Silly pup!!! But not a cuter one for sure!! ~Robin~

  8. Everything looks so lovely! Good to hear about your pup. Kit

  9. Hi Janice,
    Such a lovely display with those firkins and horse!! Your little Tundra is just so adorable and I'm happy he didn't break his leg, though a sprain is pretty painful!!! Hope he is on the mend soon!
    Take care and enjoy those cooler MI temps!!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  10. Do you sell the boxwood wreaths on line? I live in Ohio


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