Thursday, September 24, 2020

Fall Back

 In our back room.

Welcome friends!

I paired my decor with my pears.

Browns and yellows.

A wider view.

Myprim yarn winder.

Bucket bench with crocks.

Plus my fabric kitty
in shades of autumn colors.

My crock lamp.

So love cozying up in our
back room for Autumn.

At night Bob and I lie 
on our sectional couch.
Each of us has a place to lay.
We watch a bit of tv...
Bob falls asleep and then I wake him
to go to bed. LOL 

Do you have a favorite place to cozy
up in for Fall?

Fall Back Blessings To All!


  1. What a lovely, cozy, and welcoming room! Love that couch!! And your crock lamps.... I have never seen a shade on a crock lamp that compliments the crock as much as the one you have in the first few photos. My cozy up spot is my chair...with my baby boy cat tucked along side me. Same spot as always...only difference is that in the autumn, I more often than not have a fire going in the fireplace LOL. ~Robin~

  2. Everything looks wonderful Janice. Love your decorating!

  3. we each have our own comfy chairs I usually hook we both watch tv.
    Very cozy

  4. I tend to cozy up on the sofa, too. Good light, good telly view, reasonably comfy!

  5. This looks so cozy! My favorite place is my corner of our sofa. I can watch the world go by, my blinds are always open. I turn on all my little lights. And sometimes put on tinkly music. I love fall and it makes me love my home all the more. You have a wonderful weekend! Take care, kit

  6. It is all so pretty and cozy and the colors are just right. Like you, my husband and I have a comfy spot on the sofa and enjoy watching old movies. We also like to sit out late on the patio to watch the end of the day. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Such love colors and everything looks so pretty! We do the same as front of the TV, then off to bed!


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