Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Double Vision


Good morning friends!

So for those who have followed along with me,
will realize they are seeing 
these hooked mats again.

I originally debuted them on my
Christmas tree.

Whilst adding in my Autumn decor,
I noticed they fit perfectly on my firkins.

Such pretty colors for Autumn too!

A wider shot, but a bit dark.

Had to turn the light on,
which caused the shadow.

This is the light turned off .
I have a bigger matching one in the center
of our living room.

Love it when I can change things up 
to make a whole new display!

Double Vision Blessings to All!


  1. I love the colors of fall all year long.

  2. Lovely fall colors. The leaves are starting to turn already because of the drought this year. It's already time to decorate for fall and you are ahead of me.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. They do go wonderfully with the colors of fall Janice! Love them!! Pretty lights too! Happy September! ~Robin~

  4. I have not taken one thing out for fall yet yours are always so lovely

  5. It looks so autumnal and cozy, Janice. I like it very much! Soon I'll get out fall, too.

  6. Looking like Fall for sure! Love the colors. I'm done decorating for Fall and I've even slipped in a few Halloween things that I couldn't resist! Trees are starting to turn slowly here and it's getting cooler. I'm ready!


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