Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Changing Up For Spring

Usually I am in full swing
re-vamping our humble abode
for Spring.

Not this year.

I decided Sunday afternoon,
it was time to start.
Working so many hours...
I have little time for anything else.
I do manage to stitch a bit on my lunch
each day.
It keeps me sane.

I began my Spring with our spare bedroom.
I am hoping the restrictions for our state
will be lifted soon.

When that happens, 
my mom will come for a visit. 

What better way for her to come spend
a few days in a re-freshed room.

Just a start.
More to come.

Once again thank you all for
the sweet comments.
It makes me plod on.
Working 55+ hours each week is daunting.

 Spring Up  Blessings To All!


  1. I hope your mom can come visit soon! Thanks for being an essential...for others!

  2. I miss my mom but doubt I will be able to see her any time soon. We just hope she can rehab and get home and not get sick in the facility she's in. Your spare bedroom looks like it will be a nice haven for visitors! I hope you can fill it up soon! I'm ready for this virus to be done!

  3. Your mom will be as happy as you when she can comes for a visit. I hope that things will improve soon.
    I'm curious, what is that wooden thing on the bottom shelf?
    Hugs, Julia

  4. I would be so tired at 55 hours but your house always looks so nice.

  5. that arrangement is so pretty. I know she'll be happy in that room. I hope that will be soon.

  6. Your energies amaze me! Your mom will love spending some time in that beautiful room!

  7. Janice, I can't imagine working that much. I have become very lazy in my old age, even before I couldn't go or do anything. It will be good to have your Mom when she comes..Take care and stay well..xxoJudy

  8. Love your touches of spring fresh and airy...and yet comfortable and welcoming. I miss my mom so.... Her 91st birthday is next week and I have no hope of being able to see her. :-( I just pray they are taking good care of her...physically and emotionally. I used to work unreal hours...but couldn't do it please take care of yourself...yes, physically and emotionally. Hugs ~ Robin

  9. How can you even think about decorating for spring working so many hours...and stitching on your lunch hour? I am IMPRESSED!

  10. Refreshing looks great,bet the room is going to be spring tastic for your mom. You sure are working hard,hope you are getting in some breaks before you work yourself into exhaustion. glad to see the store is opening that is a start towards better time . Hope to be in soon,prayers for health and stamina

  11. Hi Janice,
    Do take care of yourself! That is A LOT OF HOURS!! So happy you can get some stitching time in!! It definitely helps!!
    Love your sweet spring display and it all looks so fresh!! Hoping your mom can come for a visit soon!! I know we all wish for better days ahead!! Ever hopeful!!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  12. oh my goodness, 55 hours a lot of work! You have such a good eye for is always lovely to see how you have arranged your things! Very refreshing! Dont work too hard, take good care of yourself

  13. Lovely decorating! Hope you can find a way to slow down a bit. That is a lot of hours to work!


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