Monday, April 20, 2020

Going Back In Time

Good Monday Morning all!

Well we have the end of the story
with the mouse.
Shadow kitty caught him about
a half hour after I posted my last post.
Yeah Shadow!!!

A big thank you to everyone
who commented.
Once again I worked the entire weekend.
I was so exhausted each night
that I went to bed at 9:00 pm every night.
Got up early in the morning
to start all over again.

Do you remember plastic canvas.
It was all the rage in the 80's.

I liked to step out of the box
to create different items.
This particular piece was of our kitties
at the time and my brothers kitty.

Smoky (Hear no evil)

Patches (See no evil)

My brother's kitty Sneakers.
(Speak no evil)

I had intended on framing this into a picture.
That never happened.
I found it up in the attic when we started
to clean it weeks ago.
Have not done anything else since 
that first attempt in our attic.
Way to busy with work.

This is another one I did frame.
It resides outside our bathroom on the wall.
A tight spot, and hard to take a picture.

I created these with yarn using
 10 hole per inch plastic canvas.
It was a smaller version of the 7 hole one.
I actually took the 4 ply yarn and unwound
to make it into a 2 ply one before stitching.

Do you remember plastic canvas?
Did you do this craft in the day?

Back In Time Blessings To All!


  1. Although I had lots of hobbies including handiwork, I never did do the plastic canvas thing. Am sure the cats brought back fond memories of time gone by.

  2. my aunt did plastic canvas I never did very cute pieces.

  3. Well done, Shadow. I do remember plastic canvas although I always used the cloth for needlepoint. What fun memories you shared!

  4. I never did anything with plastic canvas. In fact I wasn't much on crafts at all. If I did anything it usually turned out to be "arts and crap"! Ha! Your kitties are super cute though and I'm glad your mouse is now gone!

  5. I do remember the plastic canvas, but never did try it.
    Sweet kitties.

  6. I remember making tissue box holders from the plastic canvas. Yay.. the cat deserves a cookie!!! : )

  7. I remember the plastic canvas but it never appealed to me. Someone might appreciate the kitties just because.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. Yay Shadow!! I remember the plastic canvas, but I never did sister-in-law still does it from time to time, though, I believe. Hope you've caught up on some much-needed (I am sure) rest. Happy new week! ~Robin~

  9. I do remember the plastic canvas. Sometimes it is still in the stores. My late sister used to rug hook with it. The new works are really pretty. I really love the houses one.

  10. Hi Janice. Yes, I remember plastic canvas art, but I didn't do any. I was busy trying to see and count the little holes of counted cross stitch. Enjoyed it then, but too hard to see now. We got a new standing magnifier glass so maybe I should try again. Your's is really pretty and the cats would be so cute..Stay Well..xxoJudy


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