Friday, April 17, 2020

Spring Whites

Or is it Winter Whites again!
We had snow for the last two days.
No accumulation...but snow none the less.

I want to thank everyone for your sweet comments
to my last post of Bob's goodies.
Unfortunately I was unable to comment back.
Just too exhausted to do much of anything
after work.
Working 10 hour days.
Trying desperately to get these loan
applications completed for our small business
clients...however we heard yesterday 
the money is no longer available.
Hopefully Congress can get their act together
and add more money to the fund.
No matter a Democrat or Republican...
they are still getting a paycheck, while
others are struggling to make ends meet..
Enough of my soapbox.

So today here are a few of my whites
I took around my home.
Hope you enjoy.

Ace wanted to get in the act. LOL

Although he is way to cute...
he missed the mouse who tried
to get a peanut butter cookie.
 I was sitting at my computer for work 
AKA our dining table at night,
and lo and behold a mouse 
was on the counter and grabbed
a cookie. He failed to get it down
though because he saw me and ran away.
So where was Ace or Shadow for that matter?
They were both sleeping on the job.

{I threw the remaining 6 cookies away} 

Winter Or Spring White Blessings To All!


  1. Was their shift over? When we had a cat she was really good at catching chipmunks and leaving them as gifts for us! I found that putting peppermint oil on cotton balls and leaving them in spots where you see mice keeps them away. Jack never did fill out the loan paperwork for his small business. Let's see if anymore funds appear. Take care!

  2. I enjoyed seeing your collection of Whites. Loved them all. Especially Ace. ;o)

  3. We have had snow flurries the past couple of days and more coming in Sat. I hope you get some time to yourself now that the loan process has slowed down. funny about 2 cats and you have mice. Is one a female cat they are better hunters .

  4. I had to laugh at the cookie thief, lol... I'm sure there is another partner in crime and they will be back. Better get out your mouse traps and think like a a mouse.
    I hope your loan comes through.
    Hugs, Jullia

  5. I'm not one to respond to every comment so I never expect it from my own. Also, soap-boxing is allowed because there is lots of stuff that just isn't right these days. Love your white things and unfortunately mice critters have not heard of social distancing. Bob, you rock!

  6. LOL! I thought if you had cats that the mice would stay away. I HATE MICE!!!
    Love your winter whites. "White" is coming down from the sky here in northern Ohio and it is accumulating. But...tomorow 53* and sunny so it won't stick around.

  7. Your winter whites are wonderful (love the rabbit) but Ace is the best of all!

  8. Every season needs some bits of white. Your winter whites are all such delights. My favorite is the oh-so-darling white bunny!

  9. Beautiful whites...especially the last one!!! But your hooked bunny is definitely a close second. LOL about the mouse...probably not funny at the time, but sooner or later, it seems to happen to all of us...cats or not. Our mice seem particularly savvy and stick to closets where kitties can't reach. Sorry to hear about the other "white" stuff coming from the skies. We had a nasty storm on Easter, but it has been melting slowly but surely. Now, if it would just warm up!! Hope you're getting a bit of respite from your grueling work schedule these days. ~Robin~

  10. Hi Janice,
    Boy but that mouse sure is brave!!! Your kitties really missed out and sadly, so did you since you had to throw those cookies away!!! Your white pieces are so pretty and I love your Ace had to be included!!! Of course he does!!!!!
    Take care and stay safe and well and hope you get rid of that pesky mouse, too!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  11. I really like the white horse. No snow here but we did have frost three times this week. I covered some lilies and a new peony plant but forgot all about the blueberries! Spring is here but the temperatures just won't catch up.

  12. Love that white bowl and soaps. I love doing my laundry when I can hang it out- which I have been doing for the past two weeks here in eastern Canada.

  13. I have so much catching up to do. I love your whites. the bubble lamp is beautiful. I've been looking for a replacement shade for a while.
    What a brave mouse. hahaha.


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