Wednesday, April 8, 2020

A Colonial Bunny

Can it be Wednesday already?
I wish it were Friday. 
Last Saturday was the first one in many years
where I had to work. 
 Hopefully it will be the last.
I am too old for this.

Since Easter was cancelled this year,
I really did not feel like decorating.
Yes I am in a funk.
I only put out two bunnies.
This hooked rug and another bunny
 for this months CupboardScape 
which will be my next post.

This display is an ode to my colonial friends.

My home can go either way...
prim or colonial,
so it is nice sometimes to change it up
to more of a colonial look.
Instead of adding eggs to my basket,
I tucked in an old book.  

Notice the old specs (eyeglasses)?
[on the book]
They look like the ones Benjamin Franklin
would have worn.

Well that's my first bunny display.
The next one will be in my next post.

In other news,
we took down our Easter display windows.
Started a Mother's Day one.
We are just hoping and praying that we will be 
able to open before then.

If folks would just stay put...we will be.

Colonial Bunny Blessings To All!


  1. I carried up the Easter tubs - I haven't decorated yet. I want to though even if we all can't meet up here for celebrating. Maybe it will bring a bit of normal to this weird time. I love your displays. Yes, let's hope by Mother's Day...I have my 2nd best show of the year the weekend after...the promoter is holding out hope yet...

    1. Hope your show will go on...along with everything else. Janice

  2. Hi Janice,
    I totally understand your feelings and had been feeling the same things and then just decided I needed to do it FOR ME, and then I actually felt better! We are all dealing with this differently and it is actually a grieving time in a way, so I hope you can find ways to get through it!! Love your sweet display and let me just say that I truly believe you have blessed many people and encouraged them with your creativity as you share your home and shops!! I am hoping and praying that things get better soon!! Please take care and you and Bob stay safe and well!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

    1. Julie thank you for your sweet comment. It made my heart sing and I was a bit teary eyed thinking I bring joy to other folks. I was sad to see many of my blog friends stop I will continue to plug along this funk and move forward. Hope you have an awesome Easter! Thanks again my friend. PS My nephew is moving to Phoenix this weekend. We will miss him. Janice

  3. Yes, if folks would just stay put and not have the attitude that clothes and toys are "essentials".
    Sadly, none of my Easter decorations came out either and most of them are beautifully done ceramic pieces made by my dear mom.
    Take good care :)

    1. Hope you have a great Easter. I will be working. Janice

  4. Since we are not hosting our annual Easter this year none of my decorations got out. But the house down the street where 2 little girls live did an egg tree it is so sweet and I am sure the kids love it.

    1. How sweet. I use to do two egg trees at my other house for my kids. Janice

  5. Lovely display. I put up two baskets of bunnies. I need my Easter about me. Will do an egg tree for the neighbors to look at. You take care. Kit

    1. Hope your egg tree is loved by your neighbors. I use to do 2 of them at my old house. They were fun! Janice

  6. who are the two in the picture? I love old photos, We had a lot of rain and thunder and lightning, but no hail. Not many decorations around here but the churches are going all out to make sure we have the Easter message, it is so nice to have the internet!

    1. They are my paternal gramma's parents. Hope you have a great Easter. Janice

  7. Oh I love your redware bunny! So clever! I guess I would call my "style" (if I have one LOL) a mix between prim and colonial... I did very little Easter decorating this year...but I didn't the past two years either, so I can't blame it on the pandemic. I am sad to hear that you are already taking down your Easter display. I surely would have left it until after the holiday was over...I know when I went to get groceries, it made me happy to see the Easter displays. And Easter still should be a joyous event whether we can properly celebrate it or not. I know it is always a bit bittersweet for me as my father passed away on Easter Sunday morning.... Something about the smell of Easter Lillies that I no longer care for because of it...but I still try to find the joy in the holiday and hope you can too. Hugs ~Robin~

    1. Yeah just did not get into the Easter decor this year. Too much going on right now with working overtime here at home for work and our stores being closed. Hope you have a great Easter my friend! Janice

  8. It all looks great Janice. Love those hooked bunnies. I am in a Funk too. I hope things get better in our world soon. Take care and stay safe.

    1. Thank you Janet. Hope your Easter is a great one. Stay safe! Janice

  9. Janice, your little bunny is so special. I hope you can open for Mother's Day and we might as long as people pay attention and stay put. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation floating around and it is amazing how many listen to it. We need to listen to common sense..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

  10. Yes I agree with you. Most folks listen and stay, while others don't and feel the government is controlling them. So sad that they dont care about others. Janice

  11. I think we are all in a funk because we can't be with our families, I haven't seen my daughter and her family since March 3rd, I miss my 4 little grandsons, we did facetime today.
    I like your primitive displays.
    My cat can't understand why I'm home all the time haha

  12. My cats dont understand either...and they want to petted constantly. LOL Happy Easter! Janice


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