Sunday, April 26, 2020

Three Lil Witches

Found their britches!
Here are the triplets.

First I want to thank all who provided me
with some amazing names for these gals.
I did pick one name and then used a
rhyming name for the others.

Yaya suggested Corina.

I tweaked the name a bit.

Meet Corina.
She is the eldest and leader of the coven.

Meet Ravenna.

She is the well adjusted
middle triplet.

Meet Willomena.

The last of the triplets,
she is the happy ~ go ~ lucky
one of the brood.

Each of them holding their
wool pumpkin bag filled
with dried yarrow.

Well off to work again.
Hopefully this week
will be the end and a much needed
rest for me.

Some good news.
Our governor here in Michigan
relaxed a few of our stay at home rules.
Non essential retailers were allowed
to open providing curbside delivery only.
This meant that Saturday we could open
our gift shop....which Bob did.

It is a start and hopefully by May 15th,
we can re-open our antique store.
{cannot do curbside with this business}

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.
Have a great Monday!

Witch Britches Blessings To All!


  1. I am hoping we can get back to business soon I am ready

  2. Love your little witches & their cute pumpkin necklaces !

  3. Sweet little witches.
    Let's hope more restrictions begin to get lifted. Small businesses need it!!!

  4. I'm so glad you could open to curbside. Your little witches are darling!

  5. Love your sweet little witches and their names!

  6. Awww....the triplets are wonderful! X3!!! What a great deal of work must have gone into many great details...but I do believe their little JOL bags are the very best.... I absolutely LOVE them!! It's been a beautiful weekend here at the lake....rain moving in tonight...but at least it's not snow. Hope things will continue to look up....for all of us. ~Robin~

  7. Love those triplets Janice. So glad Bob got to open your shop for curbside sales. Hope both of you are staying well.

  8. Oh, they are cute. Nice work.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. I love the names! Good luck with the curbside. I am doing same here.

  10. I love the names but I love them even more! I hope you and the rest of the country can get back open but also let's pray for this virus to let up! I want to see my mom in the nursing facility before it's too late. Take care!

  11. I made a little witch this week, but yours are better and have many times over more personality.


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