Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Bluebird Of Happiness

Good morning friends!
The countdown begins to my vacation.
My mom is coming down tomorrow night
and will be staying until Christmas.
We are going to make homemade pierogi's
{polish dumpling filled with potatoes & cheese}
Other variations are sauerkraut or just cheese.
We will be also going to the Polish market
for some homemade Kielbasa.
My gramma B use to make her's from scratch,
as did my mom...but I did not learn how.
Any hoot, that will be both our 
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meal.

Before I start my history story today...
aren't these hooked Indian corns
the cat's pajamas!
I made these for my lil tree.
Cannot wait to make more in reds for Autumn.

I made my bluebirds from blue cardstock,
which again I printed colonial writing on
and then cut into this bird shape.
Now for my Bluebird story.

The Eastern Bluebird or nesting birds 
as they were called in Colonial times
were just as or even more prevalent as
the Robin back then.

The colonists enjoyed putting up birdhouses
made from clay or gourds, and many
birds including the Bluebirds were flocking
to them.

This was a time where most folks raised
 their own food to survive.
Forests were cleared while fruit trees were planted. 

Even though many trees were cleared,
this did create a new habitat for the 
Bluebirds, as they then started roosting
in the overhangs of the colonists log cabins
and many of their farm buildings.

Before the colonist came along,
the beavers tenacious appetite of chewing
down trees allowed bluebirds 
the ability to nest in these fallen trees.

Once trappers realized the value
in beaver hides,
the bluebirds were much more
vulnerable and only those who thrived
were due to our colonial farmers
who hung hallowed gourds and erected
their buildings for them to nest.

Thank goodness they did.
As what a shame it would have been
not to see a gorgeous 


By the way I chose orange lights
for this lil tree.
It's in our back room...
which I called my non-traditional room this year.

Are you all getting ready for Christmas?
Can you believe It is a week away now?

Bluebird Of Happiness Blessings To All!


  1. I love your little no traditional tree. Yes I have several more things to do then come on Santa

    1. Thanks Cathy. Hope you have your things done. Janice

  2. I choose not to believe Christmas is a week away :)
    The last of my cards are waiting for the mail carrier and hopefully the wrapping will be done today. Just need to get two little cross stitch pieces "finished". I am a master procrastinator.

    1. Well it is. I sent my cards out the other day. I still procrastinated doing those when my whole house was decorated by November . Janice

  3. Your little tree is lovely. I used to make long garland of popcorn for our tree with the kids help when they were young. It became a loved tradition until they all moved away. Some of the kids eat as much popcorn as went on the tree. I haven't done that for a long time. Such a sweet tradition. I wondered where it came from.

    I'm lucky this year, my daughter is hosting Christmas dinner. I only have to make the traditional cranberry cookies and send a few more cards.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Stringing popcorn was fun too for us. Of coarse we ate 2 strung 1. Lol hope you have fun at your daughters. Janice

  4. LoVe Pierogies we have lots of Polish people in my little town. Enjoy your time with your mom! I'm still plugging away at my decorating.

    1. Of course you love them. After all you are my long lost sister 🤭 Janice

  5. Janice, the bluebird of Happiness is what I think of when I hear bluebird. I have never seen a true blue bird. We have blue jays here and they have some big squawkie voices which I don't enjoy. Have fun with your mom cooking and I do love those little ears of corn..Merry Christmas my friend..xxoJudy

    1. We don’t have the bluebirds here anymore either. Such a shame. Janice

  6. I LOVE sauerkraut pierogies !
    Enjoy your time with your mom. Very special.

    1. I loved the sauerkraut ones when my gramma or mom made it homemade. Miss those days. Janice

  7. Enjoy your time with your Mom and I love your bluebirds! Your history lessons are so fun to read and I always learn something new. I'm almost ready for our family gathering on Sunday. I'm on call Christmas day so we're going a bit early. Lots to do with food yet!

    1. Thank you sure will! Have fun yourself Sunday!!! Janice

  8. You will be eating well, I think! And I loved the bluebird story -- I didn't know that. And loved your own version of the birds. Very pretty. Have fun with Mom!

  9. Thank you Jeanie. It will be fun making cookies and Pierogis with my mom. Janice


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