Friday, December 20, 2019

A Colonial Desk

On vacation now.
Will enjoy my time with my mom.
Not only making Pierogi's
Am being told we will 
be making cookies too.

Today am featuring my colonial desk area.
Although it is not from the 1700's,
it looks like one.

The history piece is about the 5 types
of furniture styles that originated
or were in the 1700's. 

Early American (1640-1700
Ornamental carvings, raised panels,
and woodturnings were from this period.
These pieces were made from 
the woods of apple, pine, cherry, maple,
oak, and birch.

Colonial (1700-1780)
These furniture pieces were influenced
by England's William and Mary,
Queen Anne and Chippendale.
The dovetail joint started in this period.

Pennsylvania Dutch (1720-1830)
The Germans influenced this period.
Straight lines and tapered legs
made from pine, oak and walnut.

Federal (1780-1820)
Fluting and inlays of various woods
came in this era.
Hardware was in brass in shapes of nature.

Sheraton (1780-1820)
These furniture pieces were named after
the English designer named Thomas Sheraton.
Wood carvings and dovetail joints
were the hallmark of this period. 

I apologize for not being able to show
you all the entire desk...
but that would have given away my 
final untraditional tree,
which I want to save for last.
So sorry.

Well off to take my car in for an oil change
and then off to the market we go.

Do you make Christmas cookies?
I have not in a few years,
so making some with my mom will be a treat!

Colonial Desk Blessings To All!


  1. Great lesson and pics! Enjoy every minute with your mom. I made three kinds of cookies this year with my fav (as always) being the ginger molasses. The special thing about them is I add diced candied ginger. Phenomenal!

    1. Having a blast with my mom! Your cookies sound yummy! Janice

  2. I love colonial furniture and my house reflects it! Have fun making cookies with your mom!

    1. We had a blast making 9 dozen cookies. Pierogi's tomorrow. Janice

  3. Enjoy your holiday home and time with your mom. I DO make cookies (this year had to use a remote oven!) and today I get to deliver some! YAY!

  4. yes I make cookies every year to give to the highway dept people and friends


  5. You have the best stuff! Enjoy our visit and Merry Christmas

  6. Just lovely! Yes, making cookies today for Christmas Eve. May you have a Merry Christmas! 🎄 Kit

  7. Thank you Kit! Hope your cookies were as yummy as ours ewe made. Janice


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