Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Amazing Grace

Well friends today is Amazing!
Amazing Grace.

I first took cardstock and added colonial writing.
Then I put the cardstock back in my printer,
and added the letters.

This hymn Amazing Grace was published
by an Anglican clergyman named
John Newton in 1779.

He wrote the words based on his
own personal experiences.

The colonists were very religious and spent
most of  Christmas Day listening 
to sermons and singing psalms.

Communities held services in their meeting house.
If you lived outside of the community,
church services were held at home.

Other Christmas songs 
from the colonial days were:

God Rest You Merry Gentlemen (1760)
Rest you merry was a saying that meant
rest assured happily citing the birth of Christ.

Oh Come All Ye Faithful (1751)
This song was originally written in Latin.

The Twelve Days Of Christmas (1780)
Published in a children's book
called Mirth Without Mischief.

Joy To The World (1719)
Interprets Christ as the king of the church
and king of the world.

Are any of these songs a favorite of yours?
If not, what is your favorite?

Amazing Grace was my dad's favorite.
That is why I chose this one once I knew
it was written in colonial times.

Amazing Grace Blessings To All!


  1. very lovely I really don't have ya favorite song but I do enjoy them all.

  2. picking a favorite song would be hard for me....I do love Amzing Grace too!

  3. I've always liked the story behind Amazing Grace. I love your banner. My favorite -- White Christmas!

  4. Love the story behind all of our "familiar" favorites!
    Your fireplace is lovely with your banner!

  5. My favorite Christmas hymn is "Oh Holy Night" and " Oh Come All Ye Faithful". I love all the old Christmas songs but not so much the modern one.
    Christmas was very special when we were young unlike now with all the commercialism.
    Your Amazing Grace is lovely.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. I love the story behind each familiar phrase or song. Love your pretty banner!

  7. Well I never thought of Amazing Grace as a Cmas song but the message sure is. I’ve always liked What Child Is This. Love the clever way you constructed the banner. Happy holy season

  8. How lovely! It turned out wonderfully. My favorite song is Silent Night. Happy Christmas season! 🎄 Kit

  9. I love all Christmas music...but I sure am sick of hearing "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" :)

    1. I’ve only heard that song a few times. The one I am getting tired of is Baby It’s Cold Outside... and not the Dean Martin one. Janice


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