Thursday, September 12, 2019

Perfect Purchases

My post begins with these wonderful
cotton spun ornaments that
I purchased from my friend Marsha.

These will be added to my others for 
my Christmas tree this year.

I also spotted this Santa to add to my collection.

Then I went gaga for this wool.
The grays and red of the Santa
 look so good together.
I was thinking of hooking a bunny.
Hmmm...maybe a hooked Santa is in the future,
with the grays as the background

Then there were these blues and blacks.
Wool is hard to come by here in Michigan...
or at least were I live.
So I pick it up wherever I can find it.

Next the piece de resistance.

My friend Robin
The Parson's Wife
had this in her booth.
So glad I also spotted this red Beauty!
Thank you Robin for giving me a deal on this!

It has some wear....but.....

for 122 years old....
it is in pretty good shape if I say so myself!
It is safe under glass and I even 
love the old frame.

I so believe these were perfect purchases
for me.

Tuesday night a tornado warning
was posted for my mom's town.
I called her up to see if she knew,
and fortunately I woke her up.
She said she did not want to go to her shelter,
but would lay down in the tub of her interior bath.
I thought she should go underground,
but it was her decision. 
I called her back this morning and she was fine.
Thank goodness.

Leaving work yesterday the sky to the South;
the direction I was heading to go home,
was all green.
Lightning everywhere with rain
coming down faster than the sewer drains 
could take it.
Roads were flooded and I had to drive slow.
For half an hour it was like that.
Horrible weather.

Last night Bob and I also started our
store Halloween window.
This year's theme is an indoor funeral home.
Wait til you see what we do!

Do you decorate for Autumn, Fall or both?

Perfect Purchases Blessings To All!


  1. I pick up wool suit coats and take out the seams and wash them. I do a small spot for Halloween and the rest fall. Funeral home - can't wait. Your purchases were nice. It' raining cats and dogs here in WI.

    1. What a great idea. I wish there some thrift stores near us. Not much Halloween at home, but we go all out at the store each year! Janice

  2. As the seasons change, I do make a few subtle changes here and there, but nothing big. I don't do Halloween anymore. I love anything wool, and regret letting old pieces go through the years. It won't happen again!

    1. I dont do much Halloween at home either as we go all out at our store. Janice

  3. I'm glad your mom was all right. And I love the gray and red together.

    I do decorate for fall but haven't even started yet. I have to "land" for more than a week at a time to get with it!

  4. Looks wonderful Janice. I do decorate for fall. My favourite season.

    1. Thanks Janet! You should show us all your decor in Blogland. Hope your weekend is going good. Janice

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Krishna! He will go with the rest of my Santa collection. Janice

  6. Great finds! I do decorate for Fall and I love this time of year and Halloween is a favorite time of mine. I have so much fun getting ready for it! I can't wait to see your Halloween window! Have a good weekend!

    1. Thank you! We spent a few more hours working on our Halloween store window. Hope your weekend is going good for you! Janice

  7. Beautiful finds, Janice. I’m seeing spun cotton ornaments everywhere now ! They really are lovely. The red stitched Sampler is a real treasure !

  8. Thanks Rose. Yes I was introduced to spun cotton ornaments last year. Love these as they do not break. LOL Janice


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