Sunday, September 22, 2019

Miss High Society

Happy last day of Summer my friends.
It was a warm and humid weekend both
in Ohio where we stayed for a few days and
back here in Michigan.

Bob and I met up with our sweet friend Ruth
for dinner on Thursday night,
and we shared ghost stories between us.
She has a small cabin on her property
which only houses anything early funeral
related items.
She loves anything morbid.
We once purchased an early embalming
fluid bottle and sold it to her.
She loved the early label and the fluid
was still inside with the old cork stuck
in the bottle.
No one could open it.

On Saturday she told us she was going to
 Hearsefest 2019 in Fowlerville, Michigan.
This year they will be featuring the hearse
from the Munsters.
Butch Patrick owns the vehicle.
He was Eddie Munster from the show.
I hope she had fun!

Today I offer a witch pillow I created.
I named her Miss High Society.
She was entirely hand stitched.
  Her head and arms were stuffed.
Both made from Onasburg.

Her pumpkin and wand was made from wool.

Her dress is made from 2 different black fabrics.
Antique buttons used for her bodice.
Approx. 12 1/2 tall by 9 1/2 wide.

The fabric on the back of this pillow 
is the same as the front.
Again this pillow was hand stitched
in its entirety and rag stuffed
for that very primitive look.

It is a one of a kind creation, 
drawn and created my me.

If interested in purchasing this pillow,
please email me at
Kindly asking $30.00 plus shipping.
Sale Pending

Today you will find me hand stitching
those turkeys.
Dinner will be a roast chicken with
all of the fixins.

What will you last day of Summer find you doing?

Summer's End Blessings To All!


  1. I hope you had a successful trip in Ohio, Janice! Your little pillow is so sweet!! I'm hoping cooler temps will prevail now that summer is almost officially over!! Have a great day!

    1. We did Bobbie! It was so darn hot though. We kept taking breaks every 2 hours. Janice

  2. Hearsefest? Now I've heard
    Sweet little witch.

    1. I did to when she told me. Never heard of it before til she told us. Janice

  3. ha ha ha oh that made me shiver!!!! yikes!
    cute pillow.

    1. We had fun swapping out the stories. Hers were from ten and New England area... maybe where you live. She did not tell us the exact towns. Janice

  4. I hope you enjoyed your stay in my neck of the woods! Yes, it was a warm one. Next weekend starts the festivals like Prairie Peddler. I think you would enjoy that one! I don't think I would enjoy staying in a cabin full of morbid stuff but to each their own! Happy Fall tomorrow!

    1. Yes we did! Spent the day in Waynesville and Springfield.....but it sure was hot both days. Tiny friend does not stay in the morbid cabin. Guess I should have clarified that part. Janice

  5. Love that little witch Janice. What a great job you did. I hope you have a wonderful week. Boy it feels good to be back blogging again.

  6. Hearsefest? That's relatively close to me and I never heard of it! Love the sweet pillow. Bravo.

    1. Yep hearsefest. My friend sent me a pic of a creepy hearse today with a coffin strapped to the top of it. She did have fun. Janice

  7. Hi Janice,
    Sounds like a fun and spooky evening with your friend! Hope she had fun!! Your pillow is so cute and I know whoever adopted it will be thrilled!!! Roast chicken sounds so yummy!!! I am always hungry for comfort food in the fall, aren't you??
    Take care and enjoy your time creating, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

    1. Yes we ate Mexican food and enjoyed swapping our ghost stories. She had some doozies. Finished the feet for all my turkeys and next the bodies. I love comfort food and the aroma that goes with it! Janice

  8. What a cute pillow. My granddaughter loves witches for Halloween.

  9. Thanks Danica! I don’t do much Halloween decor at home, but we go all out at our store as we pass out candy there. Always love your quilts! Janice

  10. you are amazing!! I wish I lived closer!
    Roasted chicken and with the fixins sounds awesome. I am ready for comfort food ~ my waist disagrees. lol

  11. Thank you Leslie! Yes the starches in some comfort food is not good but oh so yummy. Janice


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