Thursday, March 7, 2019

Using Up Leftovers

Well friends the weekend is almost here.
Wish it was Friday...but have another day.

I finished up my second house.
Made it so I could hang it.
It will be featured in my 
CupboardScape this month.

A blue back and wire for a hanger.
I should have pressed this.

I used up leftover worms 
to create this candle mat.
A spring flower.

The back of this one is a gray wool.
This mat is for sale.
Again I need to press.

I have exciting news to share.
Bob and I are close to opening a new store.
This one will feature products
that are industrial, architectural,
signage, vintage modern and
anything guy related.
Our new store will be called 
"The Urban Garage"
Bob has been working since December
getting the building ready.
He completely remodeled it.
New wood floor, industrial lighting,
new bathroom and walls.
We hope to open next month.
Will show pics once we get merchandise in
and decorated.
We have so many ideas.
Totally not primitive,
but a definitive store to bring in the
younger clientele.
We may be old, but we know the trends.
For those that follow me who live nearby,
we are not closing our antique store.
Back Porch Antiques is still our baby.
The new store will be across from our parking lot.

Hope everyone has a great day!
We are ever so closer to Spring.
W O O   H O O!

Using Up Leftover Blessings To All!


  1. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS and a big WOO HOO!!! I am sure the store will be a huge success...and you’re right, that all is so the trend right now....and even primitive me appreciates some good architectural salvage, industrial and signage!!!! Wish I were closer.... How convenient to have it so close to your antique store.,,,and it will be perfect for “cross selling.” Love your little hooked pieces. I AM going to get back to hooking soon....but still have needle and thread in hand. Happy Thursday ~ Robin

    1. THANK YOU ROBIN!!! We are so excited! We have so many ideas and plans...and hopefully soon I can retire and work one of them. Janice

    2. I was wondering about that..retiring soon.

    3. My goal is 2 more years of work...but if this store is as a success as our antique one, it may be sooner. We will see. Janice

  2. love your small mats. congrats on the new store.

  3. How exciting, Janice to be opening a new store!!! You are so correct in that the way to stay thriving is to cultivate a variety of interests and needs. I look forward to photos when you get it up and running!

    Of course, I love your darling hooked house and look forward to how it will be used in your upcoming cupboard space posting. So many cute ideas always swirling about your brain!! Have a great weekend and I hope a warm up is on your horizon soon.

    1. Funny you should say I always have ideas swirling about my brain. I actually have a 15 gallon crock filled with drawings. LOL Its a disease. We were at our new store tonight working out the floorplan to decide where the counter should go. Bob will be building that too! Hope you have a great weekend my friend! Janice

  4. Congrats !!! That sounds like a great plan...wish you guys the best and can't wait to see pictures! Will you still do the candy store.?
    Love your hooked pieces Janice. HAPPY FRIDAY

    1. Thanks Earlene! We are still in the planning stages. Bob has to make the counter and put up the tract for the doors to the smaller room. Almost there...then the fun part of decorating! We have our candy store inside our antique store now. We took a portion of that and made into an old fashioned candy store including 100 year old wood from another store in town they were getting rid of. It has been such a success there, that we decided to keep it there now instead of opening just a candy store. Hope you have a great weekend! Janice


  5. Sounds like a fun shop. I do hope you get to retire soon. It is THE BEST!!

  6. Thanks Lauren. We will be making handmade items along with vintage and architectural and industrial. It will be fun decorating! I so am looking forward to retiring. Shooting for 2 more years. Keeping my fingers crossed. Janice

  7. Thanks a bunch Krishna! I so enjoyed making them. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Janice

  8. Congratulations - how exciting! You hooking is awesome!

  9. Thank you Jacky! Hope you have an awesome weekend!!! Janice


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