Friday, March 22, 2019


Spring is in the air.
The Woodpeckers are out and about.
The Red Winged Blackbirds are back.
The Mute Swans are preparing their nests,
and the Muskrats have come out of their
Winter dens.

For this Spring chick (lol)
I have decided to revamp 
our bedroom a bit.

The idea came to me when
I saw this large Bemis bag.

When I saw this overly large feed bag,
I knew it would fit on my chair.

I love that the owner stenciled
their name on it.
Fits perfectly!
Now to find the time to redo the bedroom.

Bob and I have been working 12 hour days
since last Friday, 
trying to get the new store ready.

Today we are off to set up for the
Holly, MI prim show which is tomorrow.
My son will be here taking care of our kitties.

I will be sue to take pics of the show.
Hope to find that special find(s)...
and some wool.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


  1. Love your great idea for your chair!! It looks wonderfully prim. Safe travels to you prim show and I hope you have a lot of success!! Looking forward to photos of what is there.

    Also, the return of your birds is a sure sign that Winter is on the run!! Finally our friends up North are getting closer to better weather days ahead!!

    1. We had a great time visiting fellow antique friends! Show pics posted tomorrow. Janice

  2. Good idea for the chair! Good luck at the show and yes, share some wool pictures!

  3. Looking forward to pics from the show. I, too, will be vending, but at a hook in.
    Good sales to you :)

    1. I heard all of the wool folks were in Berlin. None of the wool vendors were at Holly, so I could not purchase any wool. :-( Hope you did good. Janice

  4. Love the chair Janice! I have a penchant for chairs and have always wanted to work a make-do like that in somewhere...but so far haven’t managed it. Safe travels...and best of luck for for vending and “finding.” Looking forward to being there vicariously throug your photos... ~Robin~

    1. Thanks a bunch Robin! I have a few chairs gathered about. Photos tomorrow. Janice

  5. Love the chair update. Hope the show is a success;and may the new shop opening be a big hit, cant wait to see it it sure has been a journey.

    1. Thanks Sandy! Show was average for us, but I had fun chatting with my antique friends and going to dinner. Store is looking good, but still not complete. Janice

  6. Just waiting for pictures from Holly!

  7. Pics to be shown tomorrow Peggy. Janice


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