Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Try Try Try

And try again.
Happy Wednesday everyone.
These past two days has been a treat for me.
Along the river now are golden eyed ducks.
Cute black and white divers with gold eyes.
They come down from Canada each year for a bit.

My post name is fitting today because
I did have to try and try again to finish
this latest hook.
I had thought it was complete...

But I was not happy with the colors I chose
for the outline of the bunny.
I felt the white was too stark.
So try again.

I took out the white and added tan.
Now the outline blended into the bunny.
So try again.

Next I chose this blue.
This ring of sky I did not like either.
So try again.

I finally went with the same blue
that you see to the left of the tail.

It may look like the sames blues, but trust me 
they were two different colors.
Now I just have to add a backing for this new mat.
This one is also for sale.

Sometimes you just have to try try try 
and try again.

Do you ever work on something that just
does not look right, so you try again?
It happens to me.

Try and Try Blessings To All!


  1. You made the right choice the blue looks the best. Oh, yes I have! It usually is because I've "messed" with it one too many times and end up ruining Glad you didn't do that here. Enjoy the ducks.

    1. Thanks Jacky. I hated pulling out and re-doing again.. but it turned out better. Janice

  2. Such a sweet piece and it looks wonderful. Hard work and trying over until it is right makes all of the difference!

  3. You did very well not giving up until you achieved the look you wanted! Such a sweet piece!

  4. Janice, I have been known to try and try again. Sometimes you just have to. Thanks for your kind visit and that little bunny just became good for my soul!..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  5. Love your little hooked bun bun....yup, the blue was the ticket....and something I would not have guessed. And oh how I know the “try, try, and try again” routine....and, I also know Dicky Bird’s Dilemma about trying so many times you mess it up with too much trying LOL.... There’s a whole bit of that on my counter right now, sadly.... Hope your hump day was happy.... Robin

    1. Bun bun is a good word! Hopefully your messes will become treasures! Janice

  6. I think your little hooked bunny turned out quite well! The colors are bright and it looks like a perfect addition to one of your cupboard scapes for Spring!

    As for trying over and over again, I certainly have that issue at times. Especially if I am trying something new.

    1. Thank you Winnie! I was trying to get some color in there beside white (snow). Janice


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