Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Urban Garage

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.
We woke up to snow...
and April Fool's is not until tomorrow.

As promised...a few pics of our new store. 
I took off another day of work Friday.
We spent 12 hours at the store.
Bob worked our other store yesterday,
and I was back at the new one painting. 

We have a small room in the new store
with the ceilings being 8 ft.
We decided to make this room
a nautical one.
Bob took this rolled map of the lake near us,
and added tobacco sticks fastened with a metal piece
on the back, so it would hang without curling up.

A prim cabinet with a metal wall file.
The file is perfect for some nautical books
we added. 

The main room has tall ceilings.
This is Bob's all things Ford wall.
Including this bench made from a Ford tailgate.

Our little sewing area.
An old chair spring hanging on the wall.
The scrabble tiles are what I am currently painting.
I am creating 6 of each letter right now.
Just started letter "M" before I ran out of wood.
Worked only 8 hours yesterday.
After the store closed, we were headed North
to buy more materials 
to make more tiles and lamps...
however the next town up it was snowing bad.
We decided to just stop and eat, and went back home.

Our movie vignette.
We hung these movie reels from the ceiling.

A little area for doors and windows that will be for sale.

More to show...and much more to do.
Our opening date is scheduled for May 1st.
We may do a soft opening...not sure yet.

Today I will be doing laundry.
BBQ beef sandwiches,
 potato salad and devilled eggs
for dinner tonight.

Well off to make breakfast.
Hope you have a sparkling day!

Urban Garage Blessings To All!


  1. Wow, it's looking great! Love the tiles!

    1. Thank you Jacky. Hard work painting those. Hope they sell. Janice

  2. Your new store is looking fabulous! I don't know where you get the energy for all of the projects you and Bob have!! Your dinner sounds yummy!! It was a cruel joke that Mother Nature played on us this morning! Have a great Sunday!!

    1. Thanks Bobbie! Its a labor of love right now. Janice

  3. These little nooks in your new store look really nice and interesting! I bet customers are really going to love it. Keep us posted on how things are progressing. You sure keep busy these days!!

    1. Thanks Winnie. The more we add, the more we move things around. Will post more pics soon. Janice

  4. It is really unique and you are both so creative. I hope one day I can visit your store.

    1. Thank you Peggy! I hope you can visit us some day too!!! Janice

  5. Good looks wonderful!

    1. Thank you Robyn! LKong evenings getting it ready. Janice

  6. Wow...and more wow! I am truly impressed! I love all the themed areas...especially the nautical one...that ship is so sweet! And I love, love, love, your scrabble tiles!! Perhaps when I get my "playroom" in order, I can talk you into making some clever ones for me. (Yeah, I will need your "help" in the "clever" department LOL). We had snow squalls off and on Sunday and yesterday.... Looking forward to some milder temps and sunshine this week. Happy April Janice! ~Robin~

    1. LOL Yep we can do special soon as I get the first batch done. But then I have to paint something different...will show once Istart those tiles...Janice


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