Saturday, March 16, 2019

March CupbpardScape

Happy Saturday all!

The new store is coming along great!
We spent yesterday cleaning and started
a few vignettes.
We are going with a nautical theme 
for the back half since we are along the river.
We have mixed in a prim cabinet, metal,
a map and vintage furniture.
Still need to add some fillers.
Once we get this area done I will show some pics.

Today we will be back at it.

Thursday a few counties Northwest of us,
four tornadoes touched down.
70 homes and business' lost.
Please say a wee prayer for those folks. 
We had rain mostly yesterday, 
but then a bit more snow. 

For this CupboardScape
I wanted it to be
light and airy.
I will let the pics tell the story.
Hope you enjoy!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Spring Awakening Blessings To All!


  1. Best of luck with your new store! Love the hooked little house...looks great on the wreath.

    1. Thank you on both counts Robyn! Back to work on the bew store tomorrow, Janice

  2. Good Luck and Best Wishes with your new store! I like your CupboardScape. It says Spring. Love the white flowers and the containers that you displayed them in; also love how you put the wreath around the hooked house. Prayers for those in the path of the storm. Sandra

    1. Thank you Sandra! Looking forward to Spring! Janice

  3. Best wishes on your shop !!! Looks pretty & Love the hooked house in the wreath !!!

    1. Thank you very much! Really excited with the new store. Janice

  4. This is a wonderful grouping with an early Spring feel! You little hooked house looks right at home in the wreath. Dogwoods barely grow down here in Florida anymore as summers have gotten longer and hotter. The Dogwood blooms smell so sweet and I love their lacy effect on the trees.

    Looking forward to your photos from the new store. It sounds exciting! Stay warm and hopefully these awful storms out your way are over for everyone. It is tragic when people lose their homes and businesses too.

    1. Thank you Winnie! The dogwoods and forsythia are not in bloom yet. They are the first to bloom up here. Back to work at the new store yesterday...took a vacation week to help Bob out. Janice

  5. Beautiful new cupboard scape Janice....You captured “airy” and “spring” both with the greens and whites. I love, love, love the tulips in the old pewter... I’m anxious to see photos of your new store.... Enjoy the journey! Robin

    1. Thank you Robin! The new store is looking good! At least the back half. Spent all day cleaning the front cabinet. It is a massive old oak piece that will reside at our front door. Janice

  6. The new store sounds so exciting.
    Love the faux tulips!

  7. I can't wait to see it! Love the whispy florals in your cupboard scape.

  8. Thank you Jacky. So very excited with this new chapter in our life! Janice


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