Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Chamber Pot

Good morning sweet friends!
Looking forward to the next snowstorm slated for tomorrow...YUK.
I must apologize for not replying to all of your sweet comments
from my last couple of posts,
but it seems I am not able to get into my email.
I need to find out what the problem is.
I so appreciate all of your comments and I did not
want you to think I had forgotten you all.

For today's post,
living in a farmhouse with no indoor plumbing,
in the Winter months this was a necessity.

Chamber pots or thunder pots as some call,
were important in the early days.
Gramma B had one in each bedroom.
Porcelean for her...
enamel for the kids.
I do not blame her...we probably would have broke it.

I love this old ironstone beauty!
I think Shadow does too.

Every time we bring something new into the house.
The kitties must inspect it.
Do you approve Ace?
This will be added to our new bedroom...
once it is completed.
For decoration only...
we have indoor plumbing...thank goodness.
Did anyone ever have to use one of these?

On another note...
Some progress on the bedroom.
Bob has the door up. 
He also made a little door 
under the shelves he made.
Will post pics in a bit.

I have a day off Feb 17th, so that day
we are going to pick out hardwood flooring,
paint colors and get the drywall.
Also need to find some fabric for the windows...
new curtain rods and a ceiling light.
The fun stuff begins...
oh yeah and order that mattress once the room is ready.

Chamber Pot Blessings To All!


  1. Oh the blessed Chamber Pot, a must many many many years ago. You really have a beauty there Janice, never seen an Iron Stone one, beautiful, Blessings Francine.

  2. My grandma had one similar at the family hunting camp in the 60's. No indoor plumbing at the hunting camp! Had a hand pump in the kitchen and an outhouse out back. But oh the fond memories of family there while the men when to hunt deer and the women and children were in the big cabin. My dog Zoe has to check out all the new things brought into our home too. She loves to stick her nose into bags from the store and sniff everything. Stay warm and cozy! hugs, Lori

  3. I'm sure glad I never had to use one! You have to admit, some of them like this one are very pretty.

  4. I have not seen an iron stone one either Janice. I have an old enamel one in my bath that I use to hold extra rolls of toilet paper. So thankful we can now use them to decorate with and not their original intentions. the new room sounds exciting. Can't wait to see pictures. Stay safe and warm

  5. Yep I've used chamber pots. At my gram's house.

    I also use one as a trash can in my bathroom now.

  6. Mother and grandmother had whole wash stand sets including the chamber pot. Many are very beautiful! Glad I've never had to use one. I know you are excited about your bedroom!

  7. I have one as a trash can in my bath now...and I've used them otherwise...however can't blame folks it was far warmer on the backside in the middle of the night then trekking to the outhouse...more snow headed here today...am tinkering in the studio on new designs trying to stay warm...can't wait to see your bedroom progress...have a great evening and you n Bob SNUGGLE UP ...Hugs lil raggedy Angie

  8. I have heard stories about chamber pots. And I am very thankful for indoor plumbing! I used the outhouse skiing last weekend. YIKES is all I can say. :-)

    I am real excited about your bedroom.

  9. Great example Janice....for some reason, I love the lines and shapes of them....(probably because I never ever had to actually USE one).... I wish I had a larger bath....I would love to have a whole collection of them up on a shelf..... (Ya know, this country bumpkin is relatively easy to please....) Stay safe and warm....Didn't realize you guys were slated to get hit with another storm too....I haven't heard anything for our neck of the woods....but, then again, I'm not sure how I would since I haven't listened to the weather in almost a week..... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. I have a red & white enamelware pot Janice...used it as a prop at my Christmas show and everyone snickered...and wanted to buy it LOL. Very thankful for indoor plumbing! Stay safe & warm ~*~Lisa

  11. I remember my grandparents telling me stories of the chamber pots. I'm so grateful I grew up in a time of indoor plumbing. lol

  12. I had memories of using these at my Aunties who lived in the country when I was younger .I thought it was `neat.` However, the other day I was saying such to my cousin; it was her job to empty it & she didn `t have anything good to say at all. Certainly none of the memories I had. We lived in town & were blessed with 2 bathrooms.


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