Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beauty And The Crock

Good morning sweet friends.
Another 6 inches of that white stuff overnight again.
It sure has been one heck of a Winter for us.

I wanted to find out how many of you have seen these.

Not the crock itself...

But the crock lid. This one fits my 3 gallon crown crock.

I have quite a few crowns which were made by the
Robinson Randsbottom Potters from SE Ohio. 

This next one is a 5 gallon.
What I love about this one is another lid.

A more intricate design for this lid.
It does has a chip but I still love it.

Have you seen lids like these?

Crockery Lidded Blessings To All!


  1. I have never seen a lid like this. It's very pretty.
    Wishing you a lovely day, Janice.

  2. Morning Janice, love crocks, I have the Red Wing crocks but only one has a lid. Never seen such a pretty lid, beautiful, Crock Blessings Francine.

  3. Janice, I am drooling........BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Nope never..
    I love em.
    Warm Woolie Hugs

  5. Cool lid and never seen one with a lid so great finds. I love the idea of having lids so I could hide stuff....mainly from myself because I'm sure I'd forget once I put something in it. LOL!

  6. I don't know much about crocks, but I love them, the lid makes it extra special, awesome find. hugs, Lecia

  7. What a crock! LOL Janice, that lid is awesome, never seen a crock with a lid. I got my first crock this summer, I understand they can be addicting. Sorry you got hit again with the white stuff - hang in there ~*~Lisa

  8. The snow has been awful! I'm dreading the big melt down! Love the crock lid and I've never seen one like it!

  9. Your crock lids are simply awesome. I have one crock with a lid, in fact I thought it was a cookie jar lid but low and behold it fit one of my crocks. Now am on the lookout for more. Thanks for sharing, Connie


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