Thursday, February 20, 2014

Demolition Man

Good morning sweet friends...
What am I saying?
Its not a good morning here.
We are on track to get snow, freezing rain, changing to rain,
back to colder temps with freezing fog by the time I head back home from work.

Well the only thing we purchased on Monday was the drywall.
Do you see my sad face now?

Unfortunately now we have to replace our furnace.
The furnace guy said that our current one 
is emitting low amounts of carbon dioxide.
So now we have folks coming in to give us bids.
I see a detour in our bedroom redo here...

For now though, here is demolition man at work.

Popping off these ugly ceiling tiles.

Bob has finished drywalling the walls.
My son is coming over this morning to help him with the ceiling.

Hopefully this brown linoleum will find its way to the garbage too...
Our home was originally just a Summer home.
The owners wanted the linoleum in every room
to be able to clean up the sand from the river.
I would rather have wood...

We were so glad to see the insulation in these walls.
We were not sure because it was rather cold in here.

Another shot of the insulation in the interior wall.
Not sure why they did this?

Then Bob found this when he opened the interior wall.
This little slot is the back view of our bathroom medicine cabinet.
I never knew what this slot was for.
Does anyone know what this might have been used for?

Well, right below the slot (pic not very good)
but this is a pile of razor blades.
Can you believe it?
The previous owner just slipped his old razors through this slot
into the wall.
Guess he figured it was a good place to get rid of them.

Demo Blessings To All!


  1. My grandparents home was built in the 1940's and their medicine cabinet had one of these razor slots. If you google razor blade slots you can read where contractors renovating older buildings often find piles of razor blades beneath the med. cabinet. So sorry about the unexpected expense of the furnace. Hope your weather won't be too severe. Do be careful.

  2. Morning Janice, oh so maddening, feel bad for you, always something goes wrong...Never heard of the razor slot before, funny, Blessings Francine.

  3. I've seen those slots before, they didn't have trash pick-up in the old days so this was a safe place to keep blades. They also used more razor blades in those days. Am I saying I am old? Or just from the South?

  4. There was a slot like that in our medicine cabinet when I was a little girl. Daddy did the same thing,,dropped old razor blades down there. Sorry about the furnance, and the winter weather coming your way. We are to reach 73 today,but with the warm weather severe thunderstorms for later tonight. I had rather have snow. Tzke care.

  5. LOL ~ maybe you will find some money?!
    We found a bunch of cigarette butts in one of our walls.

  6. All I can say os GROSS!
    But Bob is a hard worker.

  7. Glad you are getting that furnace replace Janice, not a fun thing but best for safety♥ That razor blade slot is so odd! Hope it doesn't get too bad for you down there...take care ~*~Lisa

  8. It sure is a lot of work but so worth it at the end. That is also very sweet that your son is coming over to help his Dad.
    All I can say it is always something.
    Big Hugs Girlie,
    Tricia XO

  9. That's what the slot was for - used razor blades. Sorta strange.

  10. Hopefully everything will run smoothly after the furnace fix for you!
    So funny about the razor slot ~ who would of known!

  11. Good luck with your remodeling! Ours have always tended to run way over estimates so doing all you can yourself is a big help. Funny about the razor blades but I guess if you don't have trash pick-up you don't want to be burying those in your yard. Good thing to replace the furnace now both for safety and so it doesn't give out in the dead of winter!

  12. I’m sorry to hear about the broken furnace, Janice. I know it’s annoying to experience this issue while the snow covers the whole town, right? Well, I do hope you’ve replaced the furnace already. How’s your renovation now? Keep us updated! :)

    Mark R

  13. It had been a very cold winter for all of us. Too bad that the renovation of your house coincided with the bitter winter. Did you get your furnace fixed? It must have been very uncomfortable to have it broken at such an inconvenient time. Wishing you all the best!
    Adam Payne @ Williams Mechanical

  14. Oh my! It must've been a tough winter for all of you back there, Janice. I hope the renovation wasn't too much of a hassle for a long time. Anyway, I hope that the furnace has been fixed by now and that you aren't encountering any more issues like that one. All the best!

    Dennis Cannon @ Laird And Son

  15. Our home was made back in the 50s and we are finding that almost everything in this house needs to be replaced. We already replaced everything in the kitchen before we moved in and we redid most of the plumbing. We are saving money now to fix the windows that get very drafty in the Winter months.

    Shayne Gustafson @ Berico Heating and Air

  16. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.


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