Thursday, February 6, 2014

How Much Is That Doggie

In the window?

Good morning sweet friends.
If you live in Michigan it is warmer in Alaska right now.

A few weeks ago my co-workers and I decided to walk down the street
to try out a new restaurant in town.
We had to walk past an antique store.

I saw this beauty in the window display.
So as the song goes...
How much is that cupboard in the window? LOL

I could not read the price,
but sure did stop to admire..
my co-workers had to remind me we were going to lunch.
Walking back to work,
I stopped to admire it once again.

Last week Bob and I drove back through the town I work
 to do some shopping on the weekend.
I again spotted that cupboard in the window.
On the way back home
I told Bob about it and he said lets go inside and check it out.

Once he saw it, he says...
this will work in the bedroom.
If you want it..lets get it.
We were in the car that day,
so we put a down payment on it,
and Bob picked it up that week with the van.
I cannot wait for this bedroom to be finished,
so I can finish it!
Plus now I have another cupboard.
What does that mean?
It means I get to shop for more things to put in it.

With all of these shades of whites,
 now I am not sure what color
to paint the walls.
Any ideas ladies?

Chippy Paint Blessings To All!


  1. So happy you purchased the cupboard! Many times, if we pass by something we love, it's not there later. Perhaps a pretty tan or khaki color would be nice on the wall.

  2. Oh Janice, love the chippy cupboard, prim perfect!!! Maybe a nice lamp glow color, soft mustard yellow......Blessings Francine.

  3. ...the shopping to get more things to put in it sounds like a winner to me!!!!!

  4. It was meant to be yours! It's beautiful!

  5. Ooooh, I do fancy antique cupboards! Your new find is splendid!!!

  6. I like it, it must have been meant for you. Usually if we hesitate, someone else gets it! Stay warm!

  7. That is a great find. I probably wouldn't have been able to resist either. They are getting harder and harder to find

  8. Awesome find, I would have snatched it up at first sight~~~ was meant just for you, have fun with it. Connie

  9. Fun! I am so excited about what you will find to fill it. :-)
    I am happy you were able to go back and purchase it. I had that happen once and the item was gone. :-( I was so mad at myself.
    Stay Warm!

  10. Ecru or a pretty taupe to show off the whites. Or a light blue....

  11. So glad that you were able to get the cupboard! It is a beauty.Blessings,Jen

  12. That Bob is alright no matter what you say ...I'm excited for you

  13. Wow! What a guy! That cupboard was calling your name Janice! Glad it's yours. I like Francine's color suggestion or Marsha's...a light blue but maybe like a dirty/dusty teal? Enjoy! ~*~Lisa

  14. What's great find! I love it and can't wIt to see what you fill it with.

  15. Love love love..
    I am lovin lighter blues lately.
    Warm woolie hugs


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