Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Ledger and Progress

I came across this ledger and loved reading through it.
This ledger is from 1926
Reading through it was apparent that this ledger
was from a group of ladies who owned a store.
Some of the names inside were
Mrs. Hill
Mrs Hanna
Mrs Archer
Mrs Myers
This brought back memories of my gramma
as she always called herself
Mrs Charles Husson
She never went by her first name.
Reading more of the ledger,
they sold cookbooks for .50 cents each.
One entry stated that they made $19.00 from their sale of these cookbooks.
Then on another page,
they entered the cost of quilting goods.
For all of you that sew,
back in 1926
this was the cost of some of those materials.
Quilt Lining ~ $1.25
A Thimble for Miss Buff ~ $1.25
Sateen Material ~ $.25
Threads and Brade ~ $.24
Cheese Cloth ~ $2.50
Batting ~ $1.18
Cloth For Quilt ~ $1.44
Needles ~ $.15
What a difference in prices from then to today!
The last page was from 1929.
These last two entries were a store charge of $144.70
and a final disbursement of  $229.42
It seems they must have closed the store.
Finally we are making progress on our chimney.
They had all of the stone off before I could get a picture.

The stone on the house was what it looked like.
To replace with this stone is too pricey for us now. 
We opted for this red brick.
We tried to match the brink on our close as we could get.
Not sure what these are, but our bricklayer does.
Finally, this is the last piece I bought for our house on our last buying trip....
well I should say our last out of town buying trip.
It is a wood fire box, but I love it as an end table for magazines!
Also bought more goodies this week!
Autumn Blessings to all



  1. What a cool piece of history.
    Love the fire box ~ such a wonderful find!
    Can't wait to see what else you found ~ you always find the neatest things!
    Prim Blessings

  2. Loved reading about the journal....good stuff !!!

  3. Hello Janice, that was a great fun read, wow,so interesting. Love your fire bow, wonderful buy, looks great.Will be toasty having that fire burning,yey!!! Blessings Francine.

  4. Don't you just love old journals? They really are a wonderful piece of history. Love your "wood box", it does make a great end table. Have a good Sunday! We will be at Weekend In The Country again tomorrow.

  5. Janice,
    I love the ledger! I wouldn't even think about how much history and stories are behind those entries. I need to keep my eye out for them now! I love how you used the wood box! What a great way to repurpose it! Thank you!


  6. A great post Jancie. Love the ledgar. Prices have certainly changed along with everything else these days. Can't wait to see the finished chimney. We have central heat but heat with our fireplace all winter. Nothing better to keep warm. Have a wonderful Sunday and can't wait to see all your goodies.

  7. There are many ledgers like that at the church where I work from the women's groups and aid societies. Some people throw things like this out w/o a thought. I'm so glad there are people like you and your husband who help to preserve the past and appreciate these little treasures. Love your new end table! ~*~Lisa

  8. I use an old Ledger just like yours (except it was never written in) as my Email List - customers seem to like to write their address in the old Ledger..
    One day someone will find it and have a good "HA HA" over it...I am supposing "email" will long be forgotten by then!

  9. Love the old ledger...I can get lost in things like that for hours. Just imagining... And who was Miss Buff that she got a thimble??? Good luck with the fireplace. I hate having to re-do things here...nothing fits, nothing matches, and you end up with a mishmash of things.... SUUUWWEEET fire box! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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