Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Montage- Goodies

I should say...
Goodies I get to KEEP.
Yay..Woohoo and Yipee!!!
First off our buying trip was a success.
Our van was full and we still had money.
Always a good thing!
So where do I start...
I love bunnies and when I saw this candy mold...well it had to go in my kitchen.
The best part it has both sides to it.
When I saw this cabinet
I knew it would make a great TV stand.
What do you think?
I do know that I have to clean my rug after we put it in. LoL
This feed bin will now hold our kitties food bag.
Love the blue paint on the side.
Matches the other blue pieces in the kitchen.
This might go into the laundry room redo eventually...
Not sure if I like it in the kitchen.
Early 1800 green painted bowl.
Blue slip crock jug.
Fell in love with the red clay glaze showing on the side.
I have one more item that we purchased,
but it seems my picture did not take...
So, I will feature that in my next post
of items we bought for the store.
Did I score or what?
Thank you honey f(Bob) or letting me keep stuff.
You are the BEST!!
Prim Blessings to All


  1. Hi Janice, oh boy, you hit the jackpot girl!!!!!! Love the bunny mold, so sweet and the cabinet is a wonderful prim piece, perfect for the t.v. Also that bowl, what a great old wooden bowl, really great weekend, Blessings Francine.

  2. What a great haul! Lucky you to keep some of it. Can't wait to see what else you got.

  3. Score!!
    Love that crock!
    Have a good night>

  4. WoooHooo
    You scored big.
    I love that tv cabinet.
    I mean over the moon love.
    And what a good day to still come home with money.
    Oh happy day. :)

  5. What awesome finds! The t.v. cabinet is fabulous! Have a great day!

  6. It followed me home honey, can I keep it? LOL! SCORE is right Janice! Love the contrast of the prim cabinet against the modern TV - love it all! ~*~Lisa

  7. What a fun and awesome shopping trip.
    The jug is absolutely beautiful.

  8. Love the old Feed Bin!!!!! You really found alot on this trip!!!!!

  9. much money did you LEAVE with?? (Just kidding!) What amazing finds!! My faves are the old green bowl and the crock...YUMMMY!! Ok....I'm reading upside down here (not literally, but you know what I mean....) which of the items in the above post was the one you kept and didn't show here???? Robin


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