Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Prim Fruit

Most of us Americans associate ourselves with the apple being America's fruit.
As the saying goes~ "As all American as apple pie".
However the only apple that is native to North America is the crab apple.
The early colonists brought over apples from Europe in the 17th century.
However their harvests were small.
It was not until the introduction of the honeybees from 1630- 1638,
that the variety of apples we now enjoy came into being.
The Native American Indians called these honeybees "English Flies or White Man's Flies",
and they were not happy with their arrival.

Do you think the crap apple is our prim fruit?

Let me give you some hints....

This fruit is native to America and is second only to the strawberry in sales.

They were once called starberries because of the star shaped
formation on their skin left from the flower that formed the fruit.

 50 different species have been identified.
Early Puritans boiled them to produce the first gray milk paint.
Any guess what fruit it is yet?
For those who still need some hints....

In the 1860's this fruit was given to the Union soldiers as a food staple during the Civil War.
Eating this fruit can prevent heart disease and certain cancers because of their antioxidants.
They are rich in Vitamins C, E and K, and also have both Potassium and Manganese.
Did you guess the fruit now?
If not, these last clues should give it away.
The Shakers used this prim fruit along with Sage Blossoms, Indigo and Milk
to make the first blue milk paint.
They grow in many shades of light blue to a dark purple.
Did you figure it out?
If you guessed our Native Blueberries,
then you were right!!!
So the next time you are eating your favorite blueberry muffins, pie,
 pancakes or even in a fruit salad,
Just remember
Blueberries are truly America's Prim Fruit!
Blueberry Blessings to All


  1. Mmmmmmm... Strawberries and Blueberries. AND, a history lesson! I love it! I can share it with my class. Although, I am making an apple pie tomorrow. I feel a little let down... ;)


  2. Thanks for the history lesson! I did guess blueberries and they are my favorite fruit. They have been plentiful in the store this summer and I have been eating tons of them. I have even bought enough to freeze some.
    Now I think I'll go have a dish with sugar and cream!

  3. My favorite! Had no idea, Go BLUEberries! ~*~Lisa

  4. Hi, Janice~
    Interesting piece of history~ never new it~ feel bad I don't like blueberries, giggles~
    have a great day~

  5. Oh I love it when this old brain learns something new! Thanks!

  6. What cool facts! I don't care for blueberries much but my little one loves them and my dad has blueberry bushes in his yard. :) Have a great day!

  7. I absolutely love blueberries, and also your crock with the blue motiff! Thank you for stopping by and for prayers for my friend!

  8. Hi Janice, mmmmm blueberries, yummo, but not the picking, tee hee. Love your pictures to, nice touch. Blessings Francine.

  9. I knew some of this, but didn't realize they were used in paint...Hmmmm...fascinating....Robin


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