Tuesday, September 4, 2012

OK I Confess

I played hookie this weekend
and forgot to even do Monday Montage.
So besides going out on our dock for some relaxation,
cooking on the barbie every day,
I was able to get a few more goodies done for the store.
I said just a few. LOL
I bagged up my Halloween candy and added some candy corns too!
For those of you who asked how I thought about this...
well one day about two years ago,
I went Trick or Treating with my grand kids...
and I saw these in their bags.
From one of those candies, I drew out a pattern and forgot about it,
until I pulled out my many drawings this year.
(maybe I can do a tutorial on it soon)
Would you like that?
Next I drew up these witches.
I call them the Salem Sisters.
Bob calls them aliens.
I also made small pumpkins such as this blue Hubbard.
Then lastly I made this pumpkin on a stick.
Bob cut up a small branch from our kindling wood last year,
so I could make some Christmas trees on a stick....
but I never made them...maybe this year.
On another note,
today was the first day of school here in our neck of the woods.
Grandson Michael was ready.
So was my little kindergarten gal Mikayla.
She just had to pose for me.
(notice my messy slipcover on my couch)
They were wrestling earlier. LOL
before they got dressed.
If you noticed their outfits,
they go to a school which requires uniforms.
Well, that is what I did on my mini vacation.
Hopefully you all were able to play hookie at some point over the weekend too!
Prim School Hookie Blessings to all
(I actually did play hookie a few times in school)
Will have to do a post about that soon.
Take care everyone!


  1. Oh boy Janice, those are some cute lil ones in their school uniforms! I love all of your creations, especially the corn and candy. Have a great week.

  2. Cute Kids, would love to see the tutorial

  3. Hello Janice, great post, loved that you played hookie, to funny. Kids look so cute. Wonderful job on the homemades, love the pumpkins on a stick. Would love to hear more, Blessings Francine.

  4. Janice, everyone needs to play hookie now and again. I never got to do that in school because my mom worked where I went to grade school and my dad was a teacher in high school. LOL I would love a tutorial! I need all the help I can get. Love all of the things you made.
    The kids are darling. I love schools that require uniforms.
    Have a great week,
    Be blessed,

  5. I am loving that sassy pose! ;)
    You mean to tell me your grandkiddos got a cute prim candy corn while trick or treating!!? I want to move!!! That is so cool!
    I love those Salem Sisters!! I'm gonna need to add a witch to my decorations, love em!!

  6. Aww!! kids are so cute...I hope they had a good day.

  7. Love all of your creations! Would love a tutorial on the Halloween candy. They are adorable!
    Hope the kiddos had a great first day. They look adorable and ready for a good time!

  8. Loved those Salem sisters!! Such little cuties all ready for school!!

  9. Love that fat little witchie poo..smile..Yep it's good to take a hookie day or PJ day is what I prefer.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  10. Those witchies are perfect Janice! And love your candy bag - I'm working on candy corn right now too. Ahhh...last year was our first year without the blue & white uniforms-the kiddos look ready to go! ~*~Lisa

  11. Awesome projects, Janice! I'd say you had a most productive holiday! Aliens... what does Bob know ;-) !!

  12. I LOVE your little treat bags, Janice!! I wanna come trick or treating at YOUR house! Kiddos look adorable...I, for one, love school uniforms...we have no schools in these parts that have them, but it always brings a smile to my face to see them. And, no, I wouldn't have minded one bit having to wear them either!! Robin


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