Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Montage- On The River

What a busy week I had.
Wednesday- Antique Club Meeting
Friday- Gathering of friends and neighbors
Saturday- Major Spring cleaning..I know I am a little late
Sunday- Bob's daughters took us out for dinner.

Oh yeah,
this is what we did on Thursday.

We took a river cruise.
We booked this the week before and Wednesday night
they were calling for severe thunderstorms.
I was looking at the radar constantly before heading out.
It was also so hot out, that we sat inside in the air.
Mikayla in her shades.


My daughter and her new beau Joe.

As we were heading out of the Black River into the Big River. (St. Clair River)
A thousand foot freighter was heading up the river.

Heading towards the Blue Water Bridges.
The clouds were coming in and I was getting a bit worried.

Just starting to go under.
See those thunderheads in the background.
We were starting to go out into Lake Huron.

Almost directly under. This was awesome!

In the lake now with more clouds appearing.

In the background is the Ft. Gratiot lighthouse.
This lighthouse once assisted ships from the lake into the river.

Back at the dock one and a half hours later.
In the background is the old railroad bridge that was lowered over the Black River.
Soon it will be torn down as the trains of old do not pass through this location any longer.

Oh yeah, 15 minutes after we were off the boat
the sever weather hit...we completed our tour just in time.

Hope you enjoyed the pics!
Summer Blessings to all.



  1. Great pictures Janice. Looks like a fun trip.
    It was HOT wasn't it but today I was cold this morning.
    Have a great week.

  2. Hi Janice, looks like a great time,wonderful pictures of family. Have a good evening,Blessings Francine.

  3. Janice, I loved seeing the family pictures.
    I can see and tell you all had a SUPER time!!!!

    Summer Blessings,
    Tricia XO

  4. Wonderful pics Janice!!!
    Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!!!
    So glad it didn't rain on your fun!
    Prim Blessings

  5. Hi Janice,
    Boy, that looks like fun!
    Have a great day!

  6. Thanks for sharing your fun trip!

  7. Thanks for taking us along on the cruise Janice. One of the big lakes in our area had a disaster last week. A drunk boater ran into a phantoon boat at dusk and one 9 year old little boy was killed and they have still not recovered the body of his 13 year old brother who was thrown overboard. 5 family member were injured. The drunk driver of the boat didn't even stop but was caught later. Such a tragedy. Glad the bad weather waited until you were safe on land. Those grands are so cute, and your daughter is so pretty. Hope you are having a great week.

  8. You are really be there under? That was really awesome and a great experience. And with clouds in the sky. Really nice.
    Perth River Cruise

  9. Sounds like a fun cruise - but I wouldn't have enjoyed a lick of it with those clouds above....One place I don't wanna be during severe weather is on the water....Been there, done that, and once is enough for a lifetime. ;o) Great seeing the family photos - your daughter is very pretty. When are we going to see a photo of you, huh??? ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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