Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Before Cars

Its hard for me to imagine having to ride in

farm wagons such as this.
However for our fore fathers and some fore mothers
this was a way of life.

International Harvester Co of Chicago

Then came the mighty locomotives.
It made travel a little quicker.
This engine was from the Chesapeake Ohio Railroad.

Your luggage was added to a baggage car.

Heavy trunks for luggage.

A real red caboose.
Its a shame that my grandchildren will never see this at the end of a train.
That's progress though.

Progression was eminent back then too,
with the latest version of hauling freight.

Then came the first race car.

Then came the need for gas stations.

Plus the gasoline trucks.

Can you imagine if our ancestors from the 1800's
time warped to present day?

Sometimes with all of the new fangled technology,
I wish that I could turn back time....

What do you think?

Spring Blessings Everyone


  1. Hi Janice, what wonderful photos,love them. Yes, so sad no little red caboose now-a-days,just isn`t right. I would like a ride in the first wagon though,would be fun, great post.Blessings Francine.

  2. Loved all the photos!! yes I would have loved to ride in the wagon!!

  3. Love it! I love traveling by train and still do so when going on long journeys. There is no better way to see the country!

  4. I love old trains and trunks and gas station keepsakes. Great post Janice! I have always wanted to turn back the clock! But I don't think I could ride in a wagon, LOL! ~*~Lisa

  5. Yes, I remember when the caboose would go by in the summer and the guy in the back would wave at us. You brought back a good memory! Are those photos from the Henry Ford museum? We have to see that before son leaves school in Michigan! ~Roberta

  6. Wonderful post, Janice!! Oh what fun....and I am so with you on wishing we could turn back time. Sometimes when I can't sleep (when, exactly, did THAT happen anyway??), I actually think about riding in the back of a wagon or buggy, and sleep comes quickly. Yup - I'm strange in more ways than one.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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